Support Groups in Dubai

English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) following the 12 Steps programme, cancer support meetings, education support and more...

Alcoholics Anonymous

Daily meetings in English are held in various locations throughout Dubai and Sharjah.

Al-Anon meetings provide support to family, friends and anyone else who is affected by an alcoholic in their lives.

Cancer Support

Brest Friends: Breast cancer support group founded by Dr. Houriya Kazim, a female surgeon who specialises in breast surgery and reconstruction.

Chronic Disease Support

Chronic Diseases Support Group Dubai: For sufferers, caregivers, family members and friends. Free of charge. Meetings take place on the second Monday of each month from 19:00-21:00. Contact by telephone to confirm attendance beforehand.

Education Support

Dubai Dyslexia Group: Organises informational meetings with specialists and professionals.

  • Dubai Dyslexia Group
    : 050 652 4325

Northern Emirates Homeschool Association: An informational group for families who wish to homeschool their child(ren) while living in the United Arab Emirates. Members arrange social gatherings, field trips and general support. Does not offer tutoring.

Family Support (Birth, Death and Special Needs)

Adoption Support Group - Dubai: Online support group for those interested in adoption or families with adopted children. Monthly social meetings held the first Friday of each month.

All 4 Down's Syndrome: Weekly support group and monthly meetings for families affected by Down's Syndrome. Community outreach campaigns and social activities for children with Down's Syndrome.

Special Families Support Group: Holds monthly meetings for families with special needs children.

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS): Information and support for families who have suffered the loss of a baby.

    : 055 393 2404 / 050 644 7903 / 04 348 2801

Multiplied UAE: Support and social meetings for parents of twins, triplets and other multiples.