Other Rental Costs

Information about other costs that may occur when renting a flat or house in Dubai...

Before you sign your lease, there are other ongoing costs which should be considered alongside the rental costs.

Security Deposit and Condition Report

Most properties also require a refundable security deposit, which is approximately one month's rent. It is paid back at the end of the tenancy agreement if the property is found to be in the same state as it was at the beginning of the contract.

All rental properties must be handed over to a tenant in liveable conditions. Any fixes or changes (including who is responsible for the cost of repairs) must be agreed to in writing by both parties.

At the beginning of the contract a tenant is required to sign an Entry Condition Report, which documents details of the state of the property when the tenant moves in. At the end of the tenancy, a tenant signs an Exit Condition Report.

Insurance, Taxes and Services Charges

Landlords are expected to make sure that their property is insured, but there is no law to enforce this at present. Tenants are advised to insure their personal property and contents within the home.

A housing tax of five percent of the yearly rental charge is collected by the Dubai Municipality. This charge is included in the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) bill, but shown separately.

  • For more information, see the DEWA website or Tel: 800 900

Service charges are paid by the landlord, but tenants must pay for electricity, water and where available, district cooling (or chilled water). These clauses will be outlined in the lease.

Registration with DEWA, who are responsible for electricity and water bills, can be done online.

District cooling is provided by EmPower, Emicool and Palm District Cooling. The landlord or estate agent can advise which company services the area.

If there is a communal gas tank in the property, gas is usually included in the rent. Otherwise gas bottles can be bought at petrol stations and some supermarkets.