Electricity, Water and Sewerage

Find out how to get connected to the electricity, water and sewerage supply in Dubai...

Electricity, water and sewerage are provided by one company in Dubai, the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

Getting Connected

When moving into a property that already has a water and electricity supply it is necessary to collect an application form from either the DEWA Head Office or from one of the customer care centres as listed on the DEWA website.

  • For contact details of all Customer Services Offices and opening hours: Click here

The application form should then be submitted in either English or Arabic along with the following documents:

  • Consumer account number - the nine-digit number can be obtained from the landlord or real estate agent if it is not already mentioned on the tenancy agreement. Alternatively, the number will be on the DEWA number plate near the meter
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Copy of passport with the valid visa page or trade licence

The applicant will also have to pay the required reconnection fee and security deposit. The security deposit receipt should be kept in order to be able to claim the deposit when leaving the property.

  • The DEWA also has an online service to set up the electricity and water supply when moving in: Click here

Payment of Bills

DEWA bills are calculated at a standard rate for each unit of electricity, water and sewerage. Bills are sent out monthly and must be paid within 14 days.  For methods of payment of bills: Click here

If the service is disconnected due to non-payment customers must go in person to one of the customer service centres and pay the outstanding bills and reconnection charges. A technician will then reconnect services the same day.

Note: DEWA bills include housing tax which is calculated at five percent of the annual rental charges. For any questions regarding the housing fees contact the Dubai Municipality Housing Fees Toll-free number:

  • Tel: 800 900

Change of Billing Address

The mailing address can be changed on request by fax, letter or email. The Security Deposit/Change of Address application form should be filled in and sent along with a copy of the tenancy agreement and copy of the customer's passport.

Moving/Disconnection of Services

To disconnect the electricity and water supply contact the DEWA either in person or by fax at least two days before leaving the property. The following information will be required:

  • Customer account number
  • Date when leaving the premises
  • Contact telephone number

The DEWA will send someone to read the meter and disconnect the supply. When the final bill arrives, either:

  • Pay the bill (cash only) at any DEWA office and collect the receipt. Then go to the DEWA Head Office or one of the customer care centres in Burj Nahar, Al Wasl or Al Aweer and request a refund for the Security Deposit.
  • Make a request for an adjustment of the final bill through the security deposit. This can be done at the DEWA Head Office or at one of the customer care centres in Burj Nahar, Al Wasl or Al Aweer. If there is a credit the outstanding amount will be paid in cash or by cheque.

In both cases take the security deposit receipt and passport as proof of identity.

Clearance Certificates

In some cases the landlord may request a clearance certificate as additional proof that all outstanding bills with the DEWA have been paid. A clearance certificate can either be obtained online or at one of the customer care centres.

An application in writing is necessary with a copy of the customer's passport, proof that the final bill has been paid and a fee.

Standard Electricity Supply and Compatibility

Electricity supply in Dubai uses 220-240 Volt, 50 Mhz. For other equipment, a transformer or adaptor is required unless the appliance has a multi-voltage option.


The standard 3-pin mains plug (Type G) is used. This plug can also be used in many other countries including Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa and the UK.

  • For further information about the Type G plug and electrical socket: Click here

For appliances with plugs from other countries using the same voltage, an adapter can be used.


The television system in Dubai uses the PAL transmission system. Dubai has a combination of local, satellite and cable television services. Usually apartments are wired with certain services, however villas are generally not.

District Cooling

District cooling (chilled water) is provided by EmPower, Emicool and Palm District Cooling. The landlord or estate agent can advise which company services the area.