English-language Cinema

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in Dubai, and where to find your nearest cinema...

Dubai has a wide selection of English-language films. Most cinemas are large multiplexes that show Hollywood blockbusters as well as European, Bollywood and Arab films in English or with English subtitles. American films are released in Dubai about two months after their US release date.

New schedules are usually published weekly on Thursdays.

Film Ratings

The UAE Ministry of Information and Culture rates films according to the following system:

  • G: General audiences - suitable for all ages
  • PG15: Parental guidance - some material may be unsuitable for children under 15
  • 15+: no-one under 15 admitted
  • 18+: no-one under 18 admitted

Cinema Listings

United Arab Emirates

The Emirates Network publishes listings of films showing in larger cinemas across the Middle East; it does not include rating information and only some language information.


  • Dubai City Guide: One-page summary of the day's films in Dubai with language and certificate information, screening times and cinema locations
  • Timeout Dubai: Listings films in all cinemas, links to movie information and search engine for films showing in Dubai. No ratings or language information

Cinemas in Dubai


Cinestar Cinemas:

  • At: Deira City Center Al Ittihad Rd.
    Tel: 04 294 9000
  • At: Mall of the Emirates Sheikh Zayed Road
    Tel: 04 341 4222

Grand Cinemas:

  • Grand Cinecity
    : Al Ghurair City, Al Riqqah Street
    Tel: 04 228 9898
  • Galleria Cineplex
    : Dubai Grand Hyatt, Al Garhood Road
    Tel: 04 324 2000
  • Grand Megaplex Cinemas/IMAX
    At: IBN Batuta Shopping Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road
    Tel: 04 366 9898
  • Grand Mercato
    : Mercato Mall, Jumeira Beach Road (Al Jumeirah Road)
    Tel: 04 349 9713
  • Grand Metroplex
    : Dubai Metropolitan Hotel, Opposite Al Safa Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
    Tel: 04 343 8383

Madinat Theatre:

  • At: Madinat Jumeirah, Al Jumeirah Road 
    Tel: 04 366 6546

Small Cinemas

  • Al-Nasr Cinema 
    : Al-Karamah, Al-Naser Club
    Tel: 04 337 4353
  • Donya Cinema
    : Donya Entertainment, Jebel Ali
    Tel: 04 881 2797
  • Dubai Cinema 
    : Abu Bakr El-Sedeeq Street
    Tel: 04 266 0632
  • Lamcy Cinema 
    : Lamcy Plaza Center
    Tel: 04 336 8808
  • Plaza
    Tel: 04 393 9966
  • Rex Drive-in Cinema 
    : Al-Rashediyah
    Tel: 04 288 6447

Online Booking

The Plaza Cinema provides online booking through GulfCinema.com; cinema goers must become members of the WHIZTEC Cyber Club to use this facility. Payment is made for tickets when collecting them, although there are plans for online payment in the future.

The Grand Cinemas chain has its own online booking facility, referred to as the E-ticket system. This runs in association with Bank Audi credit cards, although payment can be made by all major credit cards. Cinema goers must register with the MyGC Club to use this facility. Users pay for tickets online and print them out before going to the cinema.

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai has hosted an annual film festival since 2003: the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). This showcases films from the Arab world, with a smaller number of films from Asia, Europe and North America.

DIFF includes films with subtitles as follows:

  • Arabic films with English subtitles
  • Other non-English films with English and Arabic subtitles

However, films do not have to be subtitled.