Golf in Dubai

Information on golf clubs, facilities and organisations in Dubai...

As with many tourist destinations, there is no shortage of facilities in Dubai for keen golfers. Beginners are also well catered for with tuition and practice facilities.

Private clubs are very popular with foreign residents, and a number of these clubs have golf facilities which are available to members as part of their membership fee. Non-club members can also play in Dubai.

It is important to adhere to the dress code for all golf courses in Dubai, which are as follows:

  • Spike-less shoes must be worn
  • Beach wear is not permitted

Dubai is also home to some important golf tournaments including the Dubai Desert Classic.

National Golf Organisations

The main golfing association in Dubai is the Emirates Golf Federation. Their website has a golf directory of clubs and courses throughout the UAE.

It is possible to apply for membership of the Emirates Golf Federation via the website. New members who want to transfer their handicap must submit signed certificates from their previous golf club or golfing association. These must not be more than six months old.

Playing Golf in Dubai

For new players, clubs can arrange tuition and the loan or hire of equipment. Contact the club via their website or by telephone. There is competition among clubs to attract new business.

There are a number of clubs to choose from, all with different facilities for members, families and guests. Most courses are part of private clubs or hotel/resort complexes.

The Handicap System

The rules state that players need to show their handicap certificate when playing golf in Dubai. If a player is not a club member it is possible to get a handicap certificate through the Emirates Golf Federation.

Players with handicap certificates from clubs in their home country should bring these with them to Dubai. Dubai clubs recognise the USGA Handicapping System.

All players on the main courses are required to hold an official handicap of 28 or less for men and 36 or less for women. Some courses will vary these handicaps, particularly for ladies.

  • For further information from the Emirates Golf Federation: Click here

There are organisations which will provide players with a recognised handicap certificate if they do not already have one. Often application can be made online. Players will need to provide scorecards, which can be validated and then certificates are issued by post.

Local Golf Clubs and Courses

Players can find all the main courses listed on the Golf in Dubai website. The site also posts details of clubs offering special prices or deals for golfers.

Alternatively there are overviews of the courses on the main Dubai tourist website: Click here

Some of Dubai's major clubs include:

  • Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club: An 18-hole golf resort which has twice hosted the Dubai Desert Classic. It has a floodlit 9 hole', Par 3 course and driving range, as well as other practice facilities and tuition
  • Emirates Golf Club: Located on the edge of the city. The club has two courses, both 18 holes. There are restaurant facilities, plus tuition and driving ranges
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club: Previously known as The Desert Course, has an 18 hole course and Clubhouse plus teaching facilities and a shop

For information on course ratings, see the Golfers Card website.