Adventure and Sports Activities in Dubai

Information on the facilities in Dubai for outdoors activities: walks, hikes and cycling activities in the area...

Outdoor activities take place all year in Dubai because of the warm subtropical climate. Many clubs offer activities for various skill levels, so there is virtually something for everyone.

Desert Activities

Desert and beach camping are very popular from October to May when the weather cools down. Popular spots include Dibba, Liwa, Hatta, Wadi Bih and Fossil Rock. Most of these areas are just two hours' drive from Dubai.

Dune and wadi bashing

Bashing is off-road driving across desert sand dunes or rocky wadis. All that is needed is a reliable four-wheel drive vehicle and typical desert provisions (water, food and emergency supplies). The sand dunes off Dubai-Hatta road are popular for dune bashing.

Parks, Beaches and Sanctuaries

Local neighbourhood parks generally do not allow bike riding or skating. However most have walking and running tracks, sports facilities (tennis and basketball) and covered play areas for children.

Bigger parks such as Safa Park, Creekside Park and Mushrif Park have ample sports and playground facilities. Bike riding is allowed in some areas.


There are not many cycling paths in Dubai. Some parks allow cycling in certain areas.

There are a number of cycling groups in Dubai:

  • Dubai Roadsters: A group of mixed-level road bike riders who meet for weekly rides in Dubai. They also organise rides in Hatta and Abu Dhabi
  • Hot Cog: Advanced group of mountain bikers meets up to three times a week for off-road rides in the wadis of UAE and Oman
    UAE Dubikers: An off-road riding group for beginner and intermediate riders

Running and Walking

Many parks have trails for running/walking.

There are a couple of Hash House Harriers social groups that meet for leisure runs or walks:

Long distance running is very popular in Dubai. Many people train for marathons held in the region.

Horse Riding

There are a number of equestrian clubs in Dubai for horseback riding, show jumping and dressage. Endurance riding is the top equestrian sport in the United Arab Emirates, with members of the royal families regularly participating in international competitions.

Diving and Snorkelling

There are excellent diving and snorkelling spots in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The UAE Greatest Dives Sites website has information for diving sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah/UAE East Coast and Oman.


Surfing has become increasingly popular in the last ten years. There are several surf clubs such as Surfers of Dubai and Surf Dubai that offer general surf condition reports, surf board rentals and lessons.


There are on shore and off shore fishing spots in Dubai. A fishing licence issued by the Dubai Municipality is required, or book a fishing trip with a local tour operator.


Sailing is a popular past time in the United Arab Emirates.