Road Rules in Dubai

An overview of the rules surrounding driving licences, speed limits, insurance, the point system and the authorities that enforce them...

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for roads and infrastructure in the Emirate of Dubai, as well as traffic safety, registration and licencing. Their website has information on current transport projects, traffic and roads, public transport and their services.

The Dubai Police also has an important role in ensuring safety and traffic regulations. The website has information on traffic procedures, violations and fines.

The there are several automotive services companies, including the Arabian Automobile Association (AAA) and the International Automobile and Touring Club (IATC). They can provide members with breakdown support, car towing, and other forms of roadside assistance.

Driving Licences

A driving licence is required at all times.  It must either be a valid International driving licence, a licence from an approved country of origin or a UAE driving licence. In order to drive a private car in Dubai, a Dubai temporary or permanent licence is required.

  • For more information on driving licences: Click here

Speed Limits

Speed limits on Dubai roads are clearly indicated on road signs and vary according to the road type. In general, speed limits are 40-80 Km in urban areas, 25 Km/h in parking areas and on service roads, and 100-120 Km on main highways and roads to other emirates. On highways there is a minimum speed limit of 60 Km. In residential areas, speed limits can be as low as 40 Km.

Yellow lines painted across the road indicate an oncoming speed bump.

Speed cameras and radars are common, as are on-the-spot traffic fines for certain offences. Speeding fines are often paid when renewing vehicle registration, as it is not possible to renew a vehicle's registration unless all fines have been paid.

Accidents and Insurance

It is advisable to report all accidents, no matter how minor they may seem. This ensures that a police report is prepared and avoids possible problems with the law or insurance companies.  After assessing an accident, the police will give a pink copy of their report form to the driver they believe was at fault, and its green counterpart to the innocent party. Garages will not repair a car without either copy of the form.

Penalty Points System

Dubai has a black points system. If 24 points are issued within one year the person's driving licence is suspended, and they must wait for at least three months before the licence is issued again. It may be possible to deduct points by taking certain training courses, but this is at the discretion of the police. Repeat offenders will incur higher penalties.