Types of Roads and Road Signs

Understand the different types of roads in Dubai and the tolls that apply to them...

Main roads in Dubai are numbered. Roads connecting main cities and other Emirates are E-Routes. D-Routes are main roads connecting areas within Dubai. Many signs do not use the D or E naming system, so it may be helpful to know the alternative names of the roads: E 11, for example, is also known as "Sheikh Zayed Road". Street names may also change as they pass through different areas of Dubai.

Construction work often occurs in Dubai, which can mean diversions and and road closures.  It can also lead to local maps quickly becoming redundant as new junctions and roads are built. Road names and street signs can be subject to spelling changes as they are translated from Arabic.

  • For information on reading road and traffic signs in Dubai, see pages 100-114 of the Light Motor Handbook (PDF)

Toll gates

There are toll gates in Dubai along Sheikh Zayed Road (at Al Safa and Al Barsha), Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge. Tolls are collected through Salik, a pre-paid electronic system. Traffic can pass through the toll gates without the need to stop of queue. If a toll is charged to an account with insufficient funds, a fine will be incurred.

Petrol stations

Credit card payments are not always accepted in Dubai petrol stations.