Buying a New Car in Dubai

Information on the paperwork and processes involved in buying a new car in Dubai...

Car dealerships and showrooms are located throughout Dubai. It is relatively easy to buy a car in Dubai, and less paperwork is involved than in many Western countries. Cars and fuel are often considered cheaper than in most countries around the world. 

Cars of almost all makes are available.  The majority of purchasers buy cars under a financing arrangement, and most car dealers will be able to arrange this. Most new vehicles have a contract or service agreement contract for a certain number of kilometres or years.

Dealers also take care of the registration requirements for those buying new and used vehicles. Vehicles under two years old do not need to be tested prior to registration.

There are often new cars for sale through private individuals - unwanted prizes, for example. However, it is not possible to test drive the car as it is will not be registered, which makes it officially second-hand.

Documents required to buy a new car

In order to buy a car in Dubai, it is essential to have a UAE residence visa, a passport, a valid driving licence and insurance documents. If the car is financed through a bank or a loan company, a salary certificate or employer's letter, bank statements from previous months (usually three to six) and a driving licence may also be requested.

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