Alcoholics Anonymous in Brittany

AA meetings for the twelve-step programme (in French or English) in Brittany for those needing help to overcome a drinking problem...

The French AA, Alcooliques Anonymes France has a website (in French) with information on 12-step meetings held throughout France. These meetings are in French.

The AA-Europe website has information on meetings held in English in France (although these are only available in Paris, the French Riviera and South West France).

  • 24 hour helpline (French): 08 20 32 68 83
  • AA-Europe France: Click here

Meetings in Brittany

Meetings for the Alcoholics Anonymous group are held in all four départements of Brittany. At present, these meetings are in French (although some attendees may speak some English).

  • To find French-language meetings in Brittany: Click here

Meetings in English

An English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous group meet at the Mairie at Paule, 10 Km from Carhaix in Finisterre (29). The open meetings are weekly on Tuesdays at 14:00; there is wheelchair access.