Bus and Coach Services in Brittany

Information on the bus services for the département of Brittany: buses and shuttles in Morbihan, Vannes and Lorient; Finistère, Brest and Quimper; Rennes and St-Malo and the towns of the Cotes d'Armor...

Brittany’s four departments of Côtes d'Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine, Finistère and Morbihan are served by urban and regional bus systems. Generally, information on routes and timetables is available from local SNCF Train Stations, bus stations (Gares Routières), Tourist Offices and Tabacs.

  • For full information Tel: 08 36 35 35 35

Bus stations of principle towns:

  • Rennes: 02 99 30 87 80
  • Brest: 02 98 44 46 73
  • Quimper: 2 98 90 88 89
  • Vannes: 02 97 01 22 10
  • Lorient: 02 97 21 28 29

Regional Bus Services Côtes d'Armor

Tibus runs the local bus network for the département. Tickets for individual journeys can be bought from the driver, if possible prepare the correct change and do not use large notes. There are various reduced tariffs for monthly tickets and school rides.

  • For an interactive map of lines and timetables: Click here
  • For information on tickets rates: Click here
  • Tel: 08 10 22 22 22

Regional Bus Services Ille-et-Vilaine

Illenoo runs the Ille-et-Vilaine bus service. There are tariffs and ticket types adapted to suit different needs.

The comprehensive website (in English) allows for route planning and gives information on how best to get to towns in the département (see the men option "Getting around")

  • For information on the Illenoo bus services: Click here
    Tel: 0810 35 10 35


STAR Rennes Metropole runs a bus service for the city of Rennes and surrounding communes.


Kéolis serves the St-Malo agglomération and urban region.


Busco (Compagnie des Transports de Concarneau) has three bus lines serving the Beuzec-Cong/Le Porzou, Keramporiel/Le Cabllo and Jean Jaurès/Melgvien routes and connects the ferry port with the bus les plages. The website (in French) has details on tariffs, booking, disabled access and facilities and an easy-to-use downloadable guide book to the bus with maps, and schedules.

  • For the Busco website: Click here
  • Busco
    : 18 Pl Gen. de Gaulle, Concarneau
    Te: 02 98 60 53 76
    Fax: 02 98 60 49 50

Regional Bus Services Finistère

  • Via0029 allows for route planning (in French) through the département: Click here

Brest is served by Bibus. The comprehensive website, in English, has a timetable and interactive map. Bibus also provides a school bus service and works in partnership with the airport shuttle to Brest airport.

  • Bibus
    : 7 rue Ferdinand de Lesseps, ZI de Kergonan, 29806 Brest cedex 9
    Tel: 02 98 34 42 42
    Fax: 02 98 34 40 18

Quimper is served by QUB (Quimper Bus). The website (n French) allows for route planning and ha up-t-date timetable and ticket pricing information.

  • QUB
    At: 2 quai de l'Odet, 29000 Quimper
    Tel: 02 98 95 26 27

Douarnenez is served by the TUD bus company, more from viaoo29: Click here

Landerneau has the Ar Bus urban transport service following seven lines. Buses are accessible to mobility reduced passengers. There is a school bus service.

Other options

  • Finistère has a well-developed car sharing (covoitureage) system. Find out more: Click here

Regional Bus Services Morbihan

The Conseil Général website has an interactive public transport map on the website showing the bus routes and the connection to the train and ferry links for the whole department. There are different operators running various routes, these are shown on the map connecting the towns of Vannes, Lorient, Pontivy and the neighbouring departments. Routes throughout the département are for a fixed rate price.

  • To find out about the public transport: Click here (in French)
  • To see the full map: Click here
  • Tel: 0810 10 10 56


Compagnie de Transports du Morbihan (CTM) runs a regular bus service for many routes in Morbihan particularly Vannes, Lorient and St-Brieuc. Route map and schedules are online. Family, disabled, children, frequent travel and holiday discount tickets available.

  • At: 43 rue Frères Lumière, Z.A. de Kerniol, Vannes
    Tel: 02 97 01 22 10
    Fax: 02 97 47 01 60

Transports du Pays de Vannes (TPV) runs a regular bus service for the area around Vannes, Lorient and St-Brieuc. Disabled persons discounts are available. The comprehensive website (in French) has details of routes, stops and times.

  • For schedule details: Click here (then click "Le guide Horaire Bus") (in French)
  • For an interactive map: Click here

  • At: Place de la République, Vannes
    Depot: 45 rue des Frères Lumière, Z.A. de Kerniol, Vannes
    Tel: 02 97 01 22 23

The Bateaux de l'Ile d'Arz are ferry boat-busses connecting Séné, Vannes and the Ile d'Arz

  • At: 43 rue des Frères Lumière, Vannes
    Tel: 02 97 01 22 80
    Fax: 02 97 47 01 60


Compagnie de Transports de la Région Lorientaise (CTRL) runs regular bus and boat passenger services as well as transport on demand. The website (in French) has full details on routes, tarrifs and the timetables. There are also details on the bike hire system and the depots at participating stations.

  • For an interactive route map: Click here
  • For details on the bike hire (velos a louez): Click here
  • Compagnie de Transports de la Région Lorientaise (CTRL)
    : Centre Commercial l'Orientis
    Tel: 02 97 21 28 29
    Fax: 02 97 21 44 97
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-18:30, Saturday 08:30-12:30 and 13:30-18:00