Facilities and Support for People with Disabilities in Burgundy

Further resources for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or special learning needs in Burgundy...

Blind/visually impaired

The Association Valentin Haûy provides services to the blind and visually impaired (in French).

  • To find the nearest Association Valentin Haûy: Click here

Deaf/hearing impaired

APEDACO - Association de Parents et Proches d'Enfants Déficients Auditifs de Côte d'Or: association for families and relatives of the deaf in the Côte d'Or. Provides information to parents on sign language and helps those who are hearing impaired to become more autonomous.

  • At: B6, 2 rue des Corroyeurs, 21000 Dijon
    Tel: 06 19 62 51 53

Sourds Info provides information on the different associations for the deaf and the hearing impaired in the Côte d'Or, Saône-et-Loire and Yonne.

  • For the Sourds Info list of associations in Bourgogne: Click here