Bus and Tram Services in Burgundy

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus and tram transport systems...

Bus services connect most towns and villages. The Mairie (town hall) or local Tourist Office can advise on municipal travel within towns and cities. Many of the Mairie and municipal websites have a transport section with timetables of public transport and links to other sites.

Local Bus Services

Burgundy's four départements are served by an urban bus system. Generally, information on routes and timetables is available from local SNCF Train Stations, bus stations (gares routières), Tourist Offices and Bar Tabacs. The websites of the Conseils Générals of each département have information on the local bus services.

Mobigo is the transport network for Burgundy made up of TER Bourgoge and Bus Divia. The website provides train and bus options to get to a destination and a timetable search.

  • Tel: 08 00 10 20 04

Mobigo has a choice of two travel cards for frequent travellers and commuters:

  • Mobipro Annuel: a yearly travel card valid for both bus and trains
  • Pass Bourgogne Ile-de-France: for those commuting between Burgundy and the Paris region
  • Mobigo website (in French)

Website Trans'bus, in French, provides information on the buses serving a region of France. Scroll to the page b ottom and enter the relevant post code or departément number.

Côte d'Or (21)

Divia is the bus service for Dijon and the nearby communes. Bus passes are available for frequent travellers. Dogs and cats are allowed on the buses as long as they are small and in a closed basket, with the exception of guide dogs. Bicycles are not allowed on the Divia network.

There are various services including DiviAccès, transport on demand for those with reduced mobility and Diviaciti, a free shuttle bus running throughout the town centre. Busses run every six minutes from Monday to Saturday between 07:00-20:00.

  • For details of other services: Click here
  • For a map of the full network: Click here (PDF)
  • Divia Espace Bus (in French)
    At: Place Grangier, 2100 Dijon
    Tel: 08 00 10 20 04
    Open: Monday to Friday 07:30-18:45, Saturday 08:30-18:30

Transco runs 28 regular lines in the Côte d'Or. It has an office at the Gare Routière Dijon-Ville. Travel passes are available for frequent users of the bus system. Tickets are free for children under the age of four.

  • Tel: 03 80 42 11 00
  • Transport on demand service for those with reduced mobility - Tel: 0800 21 32 33
  • Transco provides all school bus services for the Côte d’Or - Tel: 03 80 63 69 20 (in French)

La Nièvre (58)

The Nièvre Conseil Régional has organised its bus system in order to maximise coverage. There are three types of routes: 10 regular daily routes (lignes de structure), 19 weekly or bi-weekly routes (lignes de marche), and 6 on-demand routes (lignes virtuelles).

  • For schedules of regular daily and weekly/bi-weekly routes: Click here
  • For on-demand routes - Tel: 03 86 61 87 16.

Tanéo operates 10 regular lines in the Nièvre.

  • Tanéo (in French) with searchable route planner
    At: 120 rue de Marzy, 58000 Nevers 
    Tel: 03 86 71 94 20

Saône-et-Loire (71)

TremA supplies bus services in Mâcon. Various types of bus pass are available for the unemployed, those with reduced mobility and the elderly. Frequent travellers can purchase six or twelve month passes. The transport network is free of charge on Saturday mornings.

  • TremA (in French)
    : 9 rue Mathieu, Mâcon 
    Tel: 03 85 21 98 78
  • Schedules are available online: Click here

Buszoom runs the bus network in Chalon-sur-Saône. Schedules and bus routes are available online.

  • Buszoom (in French)
    : 9 place de Beaune, 71100 Chalon-sur-Saône 
    Tel: 03 85 93 18 80
    Fax: 03 85 93 18 80

CTC (Compagnie des Transports de la Communauté) provides the service in Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines. Monthly bus passes and booklets of 10 tickets are available as well as reduced price tickets for the unemployed and the elderly.

TEA (Transport En Autunois) has regular lines running between Autun and Saint-Pantaléon.

  • TEA, Agence d’Autun (in French)
    At: 13 avenue de la Republique, 71400 Autun 
    Tel: 03 85 86 92 55

Le Bahut is the school bus service in Saône-et-Loire. Details are on on the Conseil Général website. Bus services for school children are free throughout the département.

Yonne (89)

Réseau TransYonne is the bus service for the département of the Yonne. There are 28 bus routes as well a service on demand.

Vivacité run a regular bus service in Auxerre and the nearby communes. For those with reduced mobility a bus service, Vivamouv, is available from Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00. Reservations must be made beforehand at the following number.

  • Vivacité (in French)
    : 3 rue des Fontenottes, 89000 Auxerre 
    Tel: 03 86 94 95 00
    Fax: 03 86 46 49 14

AS Réseau supplies a bus service to Sens and the nearby communes. The website has details of all services, routes and timetables.

  • AS Reseau (in French)
    : ZI des Vauguillettes, 89100 Sens 
    Tel: 03 86 64 17 00
    Fax: 03 86 64 83 92

Tram Service

As of September 2012 a two line tram service opened in Dijon which runs between Dijon and Chenove in the south west and Quetigny in the east.

  • For more information: Click here (in French)
  • For a route map and details of the tram stations: Click here (in French)