Water in France

Understanding the French water supply system and how to get connected...

Tap water in France is safe to drink. The Regional Health Agency provides details about the water quality in each commune. The main national suppliers of domestic water in France are: Not all communes are serviced by these suppliers; new owners or tenants should contact the local Mairie (town hall) to find out contact details of their local supplier if they are unsure. To get connected, contact the water supplier on the day of the move. Previous owners or tenants can generally provide contact details of their supplier. In most cases, name, address, and bank account details are sufficient to transfer or to set up a new contract. Water bills can be paid every month, four times per year or twice a year. Customers pay for the amount of water consumed, which is calculated by reading the meter located close to the mains valve. Payment can be made by direct debit, online, cheque or cash. Charges vary from commune to commune.

In an Emergency

Contact the local water supplier, the number for which will be on the bill. If there is no bill to hand, contact the main switchboard telephone number of the supplier or the local Mairie if in doubt.