Registration: Self-declaration as an Auto-Entrepreneur

Understand how to register your French business...

The process of registering an auto-entrepreneur business can be done either: If making the self-declaration online, a scanned copy of an approved piece of ID (carte de séjour or passport) is needed for upload at the end of the process. In the absence of this, a photocopy can be posted to the relevant local CFE. In addition to registering as an auto-entrepreneur, artisanal and commercial businesses must obey other formalities. Businesses which are artisanal in nature must register with the Répertoire des Métiers (RM). Commercial agents must declare their business to Registre Spécial des Agents Commerciaux (RSAC). This is done for a fee at the Greffe de tribunal de commerce. Note: People wishing to carry out a regulated trade or profession such as hairdressing or building must be qualified in the eyes of the French state in order to carry out that trade or profession.

Registration - SIREN and SIRET

Following the online submission of the self-declaration an automated receipt is sent from the website, followed (assuming the forms have been completed correctly), by a more formal receipt (récépissé) from the CFE when it is received there. Declarations made in person will receive a paper récépissé. Once the declaration has been processed, the business registration number (SIREN and SIRET) will be supplied and the business is now registered.