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By law, to be registered as unemployed, the applicant must be actively searching for employment and be available for interviews and be ready to work. They must also be completely legal to work in France. Note: Non-EU citizens will need to show they have the right to work in France. This may be a visa, or may be stated on the Carte/Titre de Séjour with the phrase: "toutes activités professionnelles". Registration with Pôle-Emploi should be confirmed regularly with a monthly declaration of the situation. If a job seeker does not respond to Pôle-Emploi offers of meetings with possible employers, the application may be cancelled. Pôle-Emploi must be informed of all changes to a person's circumstances (finding any type of employment, pregnancy, change of address, enrolment in courses, illness) and if the job seeker intends to travel out of the country for more than seven days. Notification must be given of these changes in situation within 72 hours.

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