Holiday Activities, Exchanges and Entertainment

Entertainment options for teenagers during the school holiday period...

The main summer holidays in France last approximately eight weeks and many families traditionally take a long break together during this period. However older teenagers may travel and there are various schemes to help reduce the cost of this.

Holiday camps

France has many holiday camps. Some are residential others open on a daily basis. They are known as Colonies de Vacances and many advertise on the Internet and can be searched by region, age group or activity. Typically they cater for 4 to 18 year olds.

Information about holiday camps is available from:

Museums and other attractions

Museums traditionally allow free or reduced price entry for under 18s. Some offer courses and workshops in school holidays. Consult the local tourist office for details of those locally.

Cinema is very popular and in the summer there are often special cinema days (La Fête du Cinéma) when films are shown around the clock at low prices. All year round students and children are allowed reduced price entry.

Exchange visits

Within the European Union and beyond there are many study exchanges for young people.

Voluntary work and exchanges

Voluntary work is also popular and often allows young people to gain valuable work experience. The European Youth Portal is a good source of information on projects and provides links to organisations looking for voluntary workers in France and elsewhere.

Voluntary work is a good way to gain work experience and can lead to permanent employment.