International Driving Licence

Find out how to get an International Driving Permit for when you travel abroad...

A valid French driver's licence is accepted as valid in all EU countries. Some countries request that a visitor carry an International Drivers Permit (IDP) (Permis international) also referred to as an International Drivers Licence (IDL) along with their valid national licence. 

Note: An international licence does not replace a driver's licence - it accompanies it and acts as an official certificate of validity of the national licence. It is an internationally recognised document. 

Holders of a French driver's permit may apply for an international permit online. The international permit can also be issued to holders of a European driving licence resident in France for at least 6 months, with the exception of permits issued by Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta and the United Kingdom.

The following are required if from the EU:

  • A colour copy of both sides of a valid French licence
  • A colour copy of a valid photo ID (passport or Carte de Séjour)
  • 2 recent photographs
  • Proof of address (justificatif) such as a water or electricity bill
  • Email address or mobile phone number

For more on applying for an international licence visit the ANTS website


Updated 02/10/20