Bus Services in Languedoc Roussillon

Details and contact information on the regional bus and tram transport systems in Languedoc Roussillon...

Click on the département name below for details of regional, departmental and urban public bus services: Aude (11), Gard (30), Hérault (34), Lozère (48), Pyrénées Orientales (66),

Aude (11)

Urban transport - Carcassonne

Agglo’bus operates routes in and around Carcassonne. It also runs the shuttle bus to and from the airport. Other services include transport on demand, the Handi'bus for the mobility restricted, a city shuttle, student and family discounts and more. Tickets for single journeys are sold on board the bus and books of tickets (carnets) can be bought in their office.

  • For further details and to download timetables: Click here (in French)
  • For information on the service on demand and the Handi'bus and the towns it serves: Click here (PDF in French)
    Tel: 0810 146 843
  • Transport on Demand
    : 0810 146 843
  • Agglo'bus
    At: 47 allée d’Iéna, Carcassonne
    Tel: 04 68 72 82 39

Urban transport - Narbonne

Transports en Grand Narbonne, Citibus, operates in the region. Individual tickets are sold on the buses and carnets (books of 10 tickets) and ticket cards can be bought at tobacconists (Tabacs) around the city.

Citibus serves all areas of the "l'agglomération du Grand Narbonne". The service includes:

  1. A six-line urban service with regular buses on lines A to F;
  2. A service to the communes of the region, with six lines connecting Armissan, Bages, Bizanet, Coursan, Cuxac d'Aude, Gruissan, Marcorignan, Montredon les Corbières, Moussan, Narbonne Plage, Névian, Ouveillan, Peyriac-de-Mer, Raissac d'Aude, Salles d'Aude, Vinassan and Villedaigne);
  3. Bus Cool which serves the schools and colleges
  4. An adapted mini-bus providing transport for people with physically limitations

The website has interactive route plans.

  • For a Citibus timetable of routes and times: Click here (select relevant town or route, then click to open the result, a PDF in French)
    Citiboutique - Hôtel d'agglomération
    : 12 bd Frédéric Mistral, Narbonne
    Tel: 04 68 90 18 18

Gard (30)

Departmental transport

Edgard has bus routes connecting Nîmes with Le Vigan, Alès, Uzès, Avignon, Montpellier, Lunel, La Grande Motte and Arles.

Shuttle bus - Nîmes-Arles Airport

A shuttle bus operates between Nîmes and Nîmes-Arles airport. The timetable ties in with the departure and arrival of flights with various pick-up and drop-off points en route - tell teh driver where to stop. Tickets can be bought from the driver at boarding.

  • Tel: 04 66 29 27 29

Urban transport - Nîmes

The TANGO bus company runs routes in Nîmes and groups together the nine companies that run the routes serving the surrounding communes. There are also shuttle routes that link into these fixed lines. In addition, there are routes operated by taxis and minibuses that connect to the central Nîmes lines.

Single tickets are sold on board the buses and carnets and monthly passes are available at tobacconists (Tabacs) and news agents (Presse) across the department. The website has PDF documents of the urban and inter-urban lines along with ticket pricing information.

Urban transport - Alès

The NTecC bus company operates bus routes in the Alès Communauté d'Agglomération. Tarrifs depend on the zone being travelled in - full details are available on the website. Individual tickets are bought on board the bus; a smart card can be bought for loading ten tickets at a reduced rate.

  • Find route maps for all lines: Click here
  • For timetables: Click here
  • NTecC
    : 15 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Alès
    Tel: 04 66 52 31 31

Hérault (34)

Hérault Transport provides a regional bus service throughout the department. Services include transport for school children from pre-primary school age to college. Full timetables and route maps are available from the Montpellier offices (call or email) and online (in French).

Urban transport - Montpellier

The Transports de l'Agglomération de Montpellier (TAM) operates a comprehensive public transport service for the city. It incorporates bus lines, the two-line tramway with well-located parking areas (a third line is under construction), and the Vélomagg bike rental service.

  • For full details on the bus and tram services: Click here (in French)
  • For information on the city bike hire system Vélomagg and links to bike station maps: Click here (in French)
  • TAM
    At: 6, rue Jules Ferry, Montpellier
    Tel: 04 67 22 87 87

Urban transport - Béziers

Bus Occitan operates 15 routes in and around Béziers and routes to Valras Plage and Boujan sur Libron. Single tickets are sold on board the buses and books of tickets (carnets) and monthly passes are available at tobacconists (Tabacs) and news agents (Presse) across Béziers.

  • Bus Occitan
    : Boutic'Bus in Place De Gaulle, Béziers
    Tel: 04 67 28 36 41

Sète, Balaruc, Frontignan, Gigean, Marseillan

TOTEM (the network for the Thau agglomération), provides six bus routes serving Sète, Balaruc, Frontignan, Gigean and Marseillan. Travel passes/season tickets are available for regular travel; tickets are also available in booklets of 10 for frequent commuters and single journey flat rate tickets can be bought on board from the driver. There are ticket dispensers in town. More information is on the website (in French), see the menu option "Lieux de vente des titres".

  • For a map of the network: Click here
  • For a bus-finder timetable: Click here
    : Parc Aquatechnique, 15 rue de Copenhague, 34200 Sète
    Tel: 04 67 74 21 06

Lozère (48)

Urban transport - Mende

The Transports Urbains Mendois (TUM) operates five bus routes during the week and a single, circular route on Saturdays. There is no service on Sundays.

Tickets are valid for an hour an half one-way, allowing to change buses to reach your destination. Individual tickets are bought on board the bus; carnets and a smart card can be bought for monthly or yearly passes. The website lists locations selling tickets and rates for various frequent commuter passes; it also gives the addresses of convenient free parking areas.

  • For timetables: Click here (PDF)
  • TUM
    At: Place Charles de Gaulle, Mende
    Tel: 04 66 49 03 81

Pyrénées Orientales (66)

Departmental transport

The Conseil Général of the Pyrénées Orientales provides a list of bus routes and timetables for the various towns on the Conseil Général des Pyrénées Orientales website (in French).

  • For information and to download the bus timetable: Click here

Urban transport - Perpignan

There are 26 bus routes operated by the Compagnie de Transport Perpignan Méditerranée (CTPM). Additional buses run for sports events in the city.

Individual tickets can be bought on the buses and carnets are on sale in Tabacs and Presse (Newsagents) around Perpignan. Monthly and yearly passes can be bought at the CTPM offices in Boulevard Clémenceau. A free P'tit Bus is available in the city centre. The website (in French) has comprehensive information on the timetable, tariffs and route maps.

  • CTPM
    At: 27, boulevard Clémenceau, 66000 Perpignan
    Tel: 04 68 61 01 13

Airport transport from Girona, Spain

A few companies provide bus transportation from the Girona (Spain) airport to the train station in Figueres (Spain) where connecting trains to Languedoc and beyond are available.

  • Frogbus provides regular connections between stops Le Boulou train station and Perpignan Gare TGV with Girona Airport. A seat can be reserved and paid for online by 17:00 on the day before travel, or a ticket can be bought from the driver. Full details and online booking in English
  • Sarfa (part of the Sarbus group) 
    At: Torres Jonama, 73, 17200 Palafrugell
    Tel: 902 302 025
  • Sagales (in Spanish)
    : 902 130 014