Home Maintenance and DIY Improvements

Find out about maintenance regulations and responsibilities of home owners and tenants, plus useful information on making improvements to your home in France...

Home owners in France have certain legal responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their properties - specifically with regard to the removal of fire hazardous undergrowth around a property, septic tank maintenance and the safe disposal of waste water. This section tells you more.

This section also gives information on making changes or improvements to your home: how to go about doing the work and how to ensure it is legally approved. Read on to find out about making changes to your gas, electricity and water supplies, plus details of renewable energies and alternative "green" heating systems. Thinking of adding a swimming pool to your property? Make sure you're aware of the legal safety standards for pool owners.

Information can also be found on damage to your property as a result of a natural disaster, including the provision for natural disasters in home insurance policies and how to file a claim.