Animal Shelters and Refuges in Pays-de-la-Loire

Details relevant to a pet dog or cat owner in Pays-de-la-Loire: refuges and shelters and more...

Pet animals can be bought from a refuge/shelter, many of these are SPAs (Société Protectrice des Animaux), a Society for the Protection of Animals.

To adopt an animal from a shelter (refuge) take proof of identity (passport or Titre de Séjour) and proof of address (a recent utility bill such as electricity or telephone bill). All shelters charge an adoption fee and most allow a one-month trial period during which the animal may be returned for a refund if the rehoming has not worked out.

For contact details of some refuges throughout France see website Protection des Animaux (select link "Refuges").

Loire-Atlantique (44)

  • SPA de la Tremouille: SPA refuge for stray dogs and cats that have not been reclaimed from the animal pound. Adoptions possible and volunteers for dog walking welcomed
    At: la trémouille, 44470 Carquefou
    Tel: 02 40 93 76 61 (dogs)
    Tel: 02 40 93 72 52 (cats)
  • Refuge Intercommunal pour Animaux: Dogs and cats for adoption; volunteers welcome
    : Kerdino, 44350 Guérande, Brézéan
    Tel: 02 40 24 98 31

Mayenne (53)

  • SPA de la Mayenne 
    At: ZI des Touches, la Riverie, 53000 Laval
    Tel: 02 43 53 72 21

Vendée (85)

  • L'Arche de Noe: Rescue centre for dogs and cats
    : Chemin des Genets, 85300 Challans
    Tel: 02 51 68 12 07

Maine-et-Loire (49)

  • Refuge du Bois Marsoleau: Part of the ASPA de Saumur and Doué la Fontaine animal refuges and dog pound.
    At: Route de Rou Marson, St-Hilaire St-Florent, 49400 Saumur
    Open (Refuge): Tuesday to Saturday 14:30-17:30 except Thursdays. Mornings by appointment 
    Open (Pound): Daily 10:30-12:30
    Tel: 02 41 67 80 73 / 02 41 50 33 20

Sarthe (72)

  • Refuge Paulette Topaloglou
    : Grand Gueuzay, 72190 Neuville-sur-Sarthe
    Tel: 02 43 25 57 43