Vélo'v, Short-term Bike Rental in Lyon

Rental bikes in Lyon: a self-service system allowing access to bicycles at any time from stations across the town. Short-term tickets and long-term subscriptions are available and the bikes may be used for up to 24 hours...

Lyon has a self-service bicycle rental system, Vélo'v, which provides an ecological way of getting round the town. There are 340 stations with over 4,000 bicycles available for rental. All bicycles are available 24/7, every day of the year.

There is a large network of road cycling tracks.

Hire Options & Subscription

To hire a bike, different options are available. Short-term tickets can be purchased with a credit card at bicycle stations and are valid for one day or one week. A single debit for the cost of the time used is debited from the account at the end of the expiry period.

Long-term cards work like a pre-payment card. The card can be topped up by cheque, or with a bank card directly at a Vélo’v station.

Holders of a Técély card LPA, OùRA or AUTOLIB' card (Lyon public transport passes), can use the Vélo'v service at a reduced rate. A subscription form must be completed. Técély cards also need pre-payment.

The minimum age to use the Vélo’v is 14 years.


There are 340 stations with 4,000 bikes available.

Using the Bicycles

To release a bicycle from a station, pass the card in front of the reader. Enter the personal access code and select a bicycle. Once validated, the bicycle must be removed within 45 seconds.

To return a bike, simply attach it to a free locking post. A light and a beep indicate if it has been properly attached. Pass the card in front of the reader and follow the instructions on the screen.

If there is no space at the station, an extra 15 minutes are given free of charge to find a new station.

If the bicycle is not returned within 24 hours a penalty fee of €150 is charged to the card-holder.

Theft or loss

A penalty fee of €150 is applied if the bike is stolen or lost.