Working in France

Employed in France, looking for a job, starting a business?

For many people, a move to France is triggered by a desire for a change in employment – an idea for a new business, the opportunity for a change in career, a new job, or the start of studies. In the case of moving for employment, the related matters may be handled by the employer, however it’s always useful to understand the system.

Regardless of the reason for the move, it’s essential to understand what’s involved in looking for work, work permit rules, types of job contract – and, for those with an entrepreneurial streak – how to set up a business of your own, whether as a small, family concern or a much grander project. Browse the pages listed on the left to find out more.

Anyone who is not a French resident or permanent resident requires a work permit or some form of authorisation to work in France. However, different programmes and processes exist for different occupations, professions and categories. A work permit does not allow a person to live in France permanently; to do this a person must satisfy immigration criteria.