Bus Services in the Northern Midi-Pyrénées

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus systems in the northern Midi-Pyrenees...

Click on the département name below for details of regional, departmental and urban public bus services.

The website MobiMipy.fr can be used to find a bus service or car share anywhere in the Midi-Pyrénées. Use the fields to enter place of departure, destination and desired mode of transport.

  • To find maps of bus routes for the region: Click here and select the town from the drop-down menu below the map

The Trans'bus website (in French) provides information, by region, on the buses serving France. Scroll to the bottom of the Trans'bus homepage and enter the relevant post code or departément number.

Aveyron (12)

The Conseil Général of Aveyron provides buses, school buses and "transport on demand" (transport à la demand) for the Aveyron département. Discounted fares and passes are available for youths, the elderly, unemployed and people with disabilities.

Lot (46)

Public transportation services in the Lot department are provided by various private enterprises. The system is overseen by the Conseil Général of the Lot. Regular bus lines are available, and for those living outside of the regularly-served routes a "transport on demand" (transport à la demand) service is available. The "transport on demand" service requires advance booking (the day before service is needed) directly with the company providing transport.

  • Conseil Général du Lot
    : Avenue de l’Europe, Regourd, 46005 Cahors
    Tel: 05 65 53 43 91
    Fax: 05 65 53 43 99
  • For the Lot regional guide to public transport, including maps, contact information and timetables: Click here (PDF)

A carpooling (covoiturage) programme is also available in the Lot. Drivers and riders can match-up on the dedicated website.

Urban transport in Figeac

Ten "Le Bus" bus lines are operated by the town of Figeac. In addition, a limited "transport on demand" (transport à la demand) service is available with prior booking. There is no charge for travel.

Tarn-et-Garonne (82)

Urban transport in Montauban

SEMTM (Société d'Economie Mixte des Transports Montalbanais) serves Montauban and surrounding areas with with the "Les Hespérides" bus service. Service for people with reduced mobility (including wheelchair ramps and dedicated minibuses) as well as a "transport on demand" (transport à la demand) service is available.

    At: 5 rue Voltaire, 82000 Montauban
    Tel: 05 63 91 80 20