Bullying and Violence in the Classroom

Understand the French approach to school classroom bullying...

In the case of violence in a French school (bullying, a violent incidence, and problems with teachers), a concerned parent should contact the representative French equivalent of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) of the school concerned.

There are a number of different PTA associations recognised by law and operating as official members of the educational community. The main ones are FCPE (Federation des Conseils de Parents d'Eleves), PEEP (Fédération des Parents d'Elèves de l'Enseignement Public) and Apel Parents (websites in French).

Information on these and other associations is available from schools, either directly from the teachers or from notices posted on a bulletin board outside the school.

It may also be necessary to contact the Inspection de l'Academie Nationale, to find the inspection body for the region. The Académie is the local Education Administration, which facilitates the application of the national education policy within each French region. Policy depends on the local context and on the local partner institutions such as:

  • town administrations for primary schools
  • county administrations for general secondary schools or collèges
  • regional administrations for higher secondary schools or lycées

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