Digital TV in France

Information about digital broadcasting in France...

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) or terrestrial digital television is called Télévision Numérique Terrestre (TNT) in France. DVB is a global standard, meaning that televisions with built-in decoders bought outside France, and also external decoders (such as FreeView and Top-up TV boxes from the United Kingdom) will work.

Installing TNT

The following is needed to receive TNT:
  • An aerial (internal or external)
  • Good quality coaxial cable linking the aerial to a DVB terminal/decoder, or a television with a built in decoder

TNT Satellite

TNT is also available via the Astra 1 Satellite at 19.2 degrees east (same as Canal Satellite) as TNT SAT, or via Fransat (Eutelsat Satellite). There is no subscription charge although set up requires the decoder and viewing card (which is valid four years). The following is needed to receive TNT via satellite:
  • Satellite dish pointing to 19.2 degrees east
  • Decoder box with TNT Sat viewing card
  • More information on TNT SAT (in French)
  • Learn how to renew the card (in French)

Available Channels

TNT has 23 free-to-view channels plus CNN, BBC World Service, Sky News and several radio stations.
  • TNT SAT have a full list of channels
  • TVNT show a daily programme guide
Some channels are available by subscription only, these include Canal+, Eurosport, Paris Première and TPS Star.