Gas in France

Find out how to get connected to French gas suppliers...

GrdF is the main distributor of gas in France, responsible for connecting households to the network and installing the necessary equipment in the homes. The gas market in France is open and it is up to the customer to choose the supplier, who is responsible for connecting the gas, billing, and any queries.

Gas Suppliers in France

Selecting a Supplier

The website Énergie-Info has a comparison service so consumers can find and compare gas and electric suppliers in their region.

To open an account, or to connect to mains gas, contact the chosen supplier at least 15 days before the connection is required. In order to establish gas service, the customer needs to supply the most recent meter reading, their full name, address and bank account details. It may be necessary for someone to be at the residence when the gas supply is turned on. To cancel a contract with a gas supplier when moving, contact them by telephone at least 15 days before departure to inform them of the cancellation date. On the day of the move, read the meter and call the supplier to communicate the reading and to give them an address to which to send the final bill. Detailed information on how to proceed in different situations is provided by Énergie-Info


Énergie-Info has a comprehensive guide on the procedures of connecting or disconnecting a gas supply

In an Emergency

  • GrDF Emergencies Tel: 0800 47 33 33

Properties in Rural Areas

If a property is in a rural area or village it is not generally possible to connect to the gas mains. In this situation, tenants or property owners can buy bottles of propane or butane gas from most supermarkets and petrol stations. Bottled gas come in 35kg, 13kg and 5/6kg sizes. Empty bottles are exchanged for new ones. Buying a new gas bottle requires registration and a deposit. For larger properties or homes heated by gas central heating, a tank can be hired from suppliers such as Totalgaz, Anatargaz, Butagazand Primagaz,  who deliver.