VélÔToulouse Bicycles

Rental bikes in Toulouse: a self-service system allowing access to bicycles at any time from stations across the city…

VélÔToulouse is a bike rental system operating in Toulouse for people over the age of fourteen. Bicycles are available for rental at 24/7 from over 250 stations throughout the city.

Bikes have protective mudguards, handlebar baskets and lights for night riding. Helmets are not provided.

Hire Options & Subscription

To hire a bike, different options are available. Tickets are available for one day or one week, subscriptions for one month or one year. The first 30 minutes are always free. The hourly rate after that depends on the kind of ticket or subscription.


There are over 250 stations available, and about one every 300 meters in the city centre.

Using the Bicycles

Use the screen at a bike station (station VélôToulouse) to pay for and release a bike. Return the bike to any depot across the city.

Related Information

The Maison du Vélo provides an alternative option for bike rental in Toulouse. As well as long-term bicycle rentals, bike repairs and cycling lessons are also available.