Watersports in Normandy

Who to contact and where to find out more information on sailing, diving, motor boating or windsurfing off the Normandy coastline...


  • Call: 1616
  • Website for safety information on the water
  • CROSS: Regional Operational Centre for Maritime Surveillance and Rescue
    CROSS Normandy/Central English Channel Tel: 02 33 52 29 38
  • Emergency at sea: Channel 16 on VHF radio to reach a CROSS centre for help.

Using the Facilities

Stations Voiles (Sailing Centres) along the coast belong to the France Station Voile, Nautisme et Tourisme network. Here one can get advice, rent equipment and make reservations for the many water sports.


Surfing, Sailing and Windsurfing

Motorised Activities

These include Jet-skiing, Water-skiing, zodiac, parachute rides, wake-boarding; all activities requiring a motorboat. The driver of any craft with an engine more powerful than 6CV needs a licence. Details here.


Canoes, kayaks and rowing boats can often be hired from a Station Voile.

Diving and Underwater