Bus Services in Normandy

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus, tram and metro transport systems in Normandy...

Regional and city bus services in Normandy are organised by the Conseil Général of each department of Basse-Normandie (Calvados, Manche and Orne) and Haut-Normandie (Seine Maritime and Eure). There are different operators for each town or comune. These can change and are employed at the discretion of the Conseil Général.

In an effort to encourage people to travel on buses there is a single fare to pay regardless of the length of the journey within a department.


Departmental transport is provided by the Bus Verts du Calvados, a comprehensive bus network serving the whole of the département.

Information points for the service:

  • Caen: Gare routière (bus station) on place de la Gare, and at place Courtonne
  • Bayeux: Gare routière (bus station) on place de la Gare
  • Deauville: Gare routière (bus station) on place de la Gare
  • Honfleur: Gare routière (bus station) on rue des Vases
  • Lisieux: Place François Mitterrand

There are a variety of discounted ticket/pass card options are available, including:

  • La Carte Liberté: Free passage on all bus lines for 1, 2 or 7 days.
  • Le Billet de Groupe: Up to 40 percent discount on ticket price for groups of 10 to 25 people travelling together.
  • Le Ticket Plein Tarif: Simple discount for irregular travel.
  • Les Places Vertes: Reduced rate ticket for travel during “green” periods in the day.
  • Le Tarif Jeune: Discount ticket for under 26 years for travel during school holidays, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Les Abonnements: Season ticket for weekly or monthly travel can be used in conjunction with other tickets.
  • La Carte Scolaire: Special school pass renewed annually. It must be validated on each journey. Available at the start of the school year for those travelling more than 25 Km to school or college.
  • Le Havre Express: Daily buss between Caen and Le Havre taking 1h30.

Tickets can be bought on the bus or at Tabacs or Presse close to the bus stop.

Urban Transport Caen (14000)

Twisto: Regular tram and bus service for the Caen region of Calvados. The routes include express routes, school routes and nightlines. The comprehensive website (in French) includes detailed maps on the lines, timetables and tariffs.

There are discount pass formulae for students, groups and season travel. Tickets can be bought on the bus, at the distributers or from the Twisto shops in Caen.

  • Boutique Twisto at Château, 15 rue de Geôle, 14000 Caen
  • Boutique Twisto at Théâtre, Boulevard Maréchal Leclerc, Caen. 
    Shops open Monday to Friday 07:15-18:30 and Saturday 10:00-16:45
    Tel: 02 31 15 55 55 
    Tel: 02 31 15 55 50
    Fax: 02 31 15 55 40


Departmental Transport is provided by VTNI which supplies a regular bus service throughout the Manche region. Tickets for single journeys, as well as booklets of discount tickets, are available from the driver on the bus.

  • VTNI
    Tel: 08 00 15 00 50

Urban Transport Cherbourg (50100)

Zéphir Bus is a regular bus service for five comunes of the Cherbourg area: Cherbourg-Octeville, Equeurdreville, La Glacerie, Querqueville and Tourlaville. The website has detailed route map and addresses for the shops where tickets can be bought.

Discount passes are available for regular travellers, students and seniors.

  • Students: Lazer, Zénith and Bazic options
    • To qualify for the pass provide: a photo, student certificate for the over 16s, statement of address - a document stating the address
  • Adults: Sézam easy pass to all lines
    • Provide a photo when you buy the pass
  • Seniors: Discounts available for people of 60 and over living in the CUC
    • Supply a photo, identity document and proof of address

The Zephir night bus runs a Friday and Saturday night only night service from Cherbourg-Octeville with three buses at 22:00, 23:20 and 00:25 to Le Bois-Brécourt-Schuman, Eglantine-Schuman and La Bricquerie-Schuman.

  • Zephir Agence Commerciale
    At: 40, boulevard Schuman, 50100 Cherbourg-Octeville
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:00-11:45 and 13:30-18:30 and Saturday 09:00-11:45
    Tel: 02 33 22 40 58
    Fax: 02 33 22 97 01
    Tel: 0810 810 050


Public transport is managed by Conseil Général.

Children under four travel free with and adult. Animals are not allowed to travel on public buses apart from guide and assistance dogs and small animals in a basket.

Seine Maritime

There is a fixed price for all journeys within the department regardless of the distance.

City Transport Rouen (76000)

TCAR & Metrobus: Bus and metro service for Rouen and surrounds. Tickets can be bought aboard the bus or at the Agence Métrobus at the SNCF station; the Espace Métrobus at 9 rue Jeanne d’Arc or at the Métrobus shop at the Hotel de Ville Rouen at 69bis rue de la République.

There are half price fares for children, a book of 10 tickets available at a reduced rate, and monthly and three monthly passes.

  • Espace Métrobus open 07:00 to 19:00 
    Tel: 02 35 52 52 52
    Tel: 02 35 52 52 00
    Fax: 02 35 52 52 38
  • Metrobus Office
    At: Centre des Deux Rivières, 15 rue de la Petite Chartreuse, BP 99, 76002 Rouen CEDEX
  • The timetables are available online: Click here

City Transport Elbeuf (76500)

  • TAE
    At: 80, rue des Martyrs, 76500 Elbeuf
    Tel: 02 32 96 51 51

City Transport Le Havre (76600)

Bus Océane: Bus service for Le Havre and surrounds. Ticket sales at Place hotel de Ville or Station, rue Charles Laffitte.

  • Tel: 02 35 22 35 00
    Tel: 02 35 22 34 00
  • Bus Océane
    At: 115 rue Jules Lecesne 76600 Le Havre 
    Tel: 02 35 22 35 35


The Conseil Général ensures that a regular service is provided in Evreux and surrounding area. Tickets can be bought on the bus or from a tobacconist (tabac).

  • To find a timetable and route: Click here (in French)

There are different pricing schemes available:

  • Carte 10 Voyages is a reduced price for 10 journeys
  • A monthly or three monthly ticket for unlimited travel
  • Children under 10 pay a half fare
  • There is a fixed price for small animals and luggage.

City Transport Evreux (27000)

SETU: (Transurbain) Syndicat Ebroicien des Transports Urbains provides a regular bus service through Evreux and surrounds. There are discount ticket packages available for students and frequent travel. Tickets can be bought at participating shops near the bus stops – a full list is available on the website.

  • SETU Boutique
    At: Immeuble "Le Parvis" in the centre of town at the Jean Jaurès busstop.
    Tel: 02 32 31 34 36

City Transport Louviers (27400)

Transbord is a regular bus service through Louviers and surrounds. Special discount products are available:

  • Bus de Ville: three lines with service every quarter or half-hour
  • Bus de Gare: express bus service from Louviers to the SNCF station and from Val-de-Reuil to the SNCF station
  • Génération Bus: student pass packages
  • Flexibus: mini-bus service catering to the outlying regions. Reserve by calling the 0800 number (in French)
  • Transbord
    Tel: 0800 77 76 76
    Open: Monday to Thursday 09:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00. Friday: 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:00 
    At: Z.A. des Quatre Acres, 27400 Incarville