Family Financial Assistance

Understand the child benefits that may be available to you...

Basic Family Allowance (Allocation de Base): A monthly allowance paid during the child’s first three years to low income families.

Family Allowance (Allocations Familiales): A parent or guardian with at least two dependent children aged 20 and under is entitled to a monthly family allowance. This allowance is paid automatically in the calendar month following the birth of the second child, it is not necessary to apply. New arrivals to France may be entitled to this allowance, depending on their situation.

A number of other allowances are available to low-income families. Most allowances are paid automatically and calculations are based on the amount declared in the previous year's tax return: These include:

  • Back-to-school allowance (allocation de rentrée scolaire): Paid to parents/guardians of children aged 6 to 18 every August. The child must be enrolled in full-time education and the amount received depends on the child's age and the income declared in the previous year's tax return.
  • Additional family allowance (complément familial): This allowance is paid in addition to the monthly allocation familiale, to parents/guardians with at least three dependent children aged three and over, whose income does not exceed a certain limit.

Bons de Vacances: These are vouchers available to families with low incomes. They reduce the cost of the centre de loisir and other holiday activities and camps. Households receiving family allowance in France that declare their income each year are entitled, and the vouchers will automatically be sent. The Quotient Familiale (QF) is usually noted on documents from the family allowance organisation, CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales). The QF represents the allowances, and income and is used to calculate the daily cost/allowance for each child.

Famille Nombreuse: There are allowances for family entertainment activities such as going to the cinema for households with three or more children. A reduction in the adult ticket price may be available on presentation of the family book (Livret de Famille).