Crisis and Helplines in France

Contact numbers for out of hours medical care, including 24 hour pharmacies, plus organisations which can help in the event of child abuse, violence against women, drugs issues, HIV/AIDS support and more...

Find a duty pharmacy (in French)
Enter or validate your area postcode when prompted; then chosen the time a pharmacy is required when prompted. The details of available pharmacies are given.
Tel: 32 37
Find a hospital (use the map, enter department number and treatment required)Website
SOS Médecins France: After hours medical advice and help from qualified doctorsTel: 36 24
Poison treatment: Centre anti-poisonTel: 02 99 59 22 22
SOS Helpline: Crisis calls in English. Daily 15:00-23:00Tel: 01 46 21 46 46
Red Cross hotline: Croix Rouge Écoute, general confidential counselling service in French. Open daily 08:00-20:00Tel: 0800 858 858
Child Abuse hotlineTel: 119
SOS Missing Children: SOS Enfants DisparusTel: 116 000
Battered Women: Femmes Info ServiceTel: 01 40 33 80 60
AA Europe: details of English-speaking meetings following the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous programme in some French regions (available in Paris, the French Riviera and South West France.Website
AA France: Alcooliques Anonymes France, 24 hour helpline and 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous meetings throughout France (both services available in French only).Tel: 08 20 32 68 83 Website
Alcohol hotline: Écoute Alcool, confidential advice and help in French. Open daily 14:00-02:00Tel: 0811 91 30 30
Cancer Support France
Free confidential support by highly-trained volunteers for English-speaking people in France affected in any way by Cancer. Contact via helpline or email. Details of local Associations and more information is available on the website
Tel: 0800 240 200
Cannabis hotline: Écoute Cannabis, confidential advice and help in FrenchTel: 0811 91 20 20
Counselling in France
Directory of English-speaking counsellors and therapists in France
Drug abuse helpline: Drogues Info Service, confidential advice and help in French. Open daily 08:00-02:00Tel: 0800 23 13 13 
Tel: 01 70 23 13 13
HIV/AIDS information: SIDA Info HIV and AIDS advice in FrenchTel: 0800 840 8 00
Info for the HomelessTel: 115
Tel: 0800 306 306
Abused Women HelplineTel: 3919
Narcotics Anonymous: Narcotiques Anonyme, English-language meetings in several French cities with French-language helplineTel: 01 43 72 12 72
Overeaters Anonymous: (OA) offers a program of recovery from compulsive overeating, binge eating and other eating disorders using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA.Website
Victims of terror attacks: The French Government provides detailed information on what to do if you are victim of a terror attack.Website