Going Online in France

Information on the many companies offering Internet access in France with details on the services available and contact information for the service provider...

There are many options for broadband Internet (ADSL or VDSL) and fiber-optic connections in France. The following is a guide to providers who can supply these services.

Broadband Internet Service

The many Internet providers in France each offer packages with ADSL, VDSL or optical fiber (plus TV and telephone) for roughly the same price. Comprehensive information on ADSL availability in France, price and service comparisons can be found on the website Ariase.com (in French). Note that not all areas can receive broadband Internet. These inaccessible places are called zones blanches. High-speed connection in these areas can be achieved by:

Dégroupage (unbundling)

In order to connect to the internet users must first find out whether their address is in a zone de dégroupage total ordégroupage partiel. Dégroupage means a total or partial separation of the Internet line from the fixed telephone supply. It is not available in all areas. Those living in non-dégroupées or dégroupage partiel zones must also first set up telephone service with France Télécom. Once connected, the the vendor can then choose an internet provider available in the area.

Dial-up Internet access

Via an analogue telephone line, a dial-up connection (Réseau Téléphonique Commuté, RTC) is possible, however dial-up is much slower than broadband Internet service. If the computer does not have an integrated modem, an external one can be used.

Internet Providers in France

Travel WIFI Providers

Many providers offer WIFI when travelling, for example:


Some coffee shops, cafes, tourist offices and restaurants offer free wifi connection.