Getting a Telephone Connection

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in France...

Orange (formerly France Telecom) is currently the only operator which can install or reactivate fixed landlines. Even if choosing another operator for the fixed landline services, it is necessary to subscribe to rent the phone line from Orange. A number of telecom companies provide home telephone services that includes telephone, Internet and digital television. Prices vary from one company to another and depend on the chosen package. In most cases it is possible to subscribe online, by telephone or at a customer service center or shop. Other landline providers include:

  • SFR is cable television and internet provider that also offers fixed line phone services.
  • Free offers fixed, mobile and Internet services with low rates for international calls.
  • Bouygues Télécom large telephone and Internet provider in France

Orange English-speaking Service

Orange has an English-speaking customer service helpline.

  • Tel (from France):  0800 05 1010
  • Tel (from abroad): 0033 800 05 1010
    • Press 1 for Technical support
    • Press 2 for Commercial support including registration, invoices, billing queries, line activation, changing personal details and moving home queries
  • The Orange website has comprehensive information in English on its products and services

Getting Connected: Telephone

To have a domestic landline telephone installed, connected or reconnected, apply at the local Orange office or Freecall: 0800 05 1010

Find a local agency at the Orange site

When requesting a line installation or connection the following are required:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of address: a recent electricity bill, a tax bill or a rental contract

If a property has a line already installed, the account can be transferred to the name of the new occupant and re-connection can be arranged. Bills (factures) include VAT (TVA), and are sent every two months. They can be paid by direct debit, by cheque, by credit card, TIP (Titre Interbancaire de Paiement) or online. Registration for online payments requires the Orange client number (printed at the top of an invoice) and a RIB.

Second Home in France

A landline telephone service in a second property or holiday home (résidence secondaire) can be made temporarily dormant in times of absence.

Temporary line suspension

In order to qualify for the second home line service (service ligne résidence secondaire) it is essential to:

  1. Have a permanent subscription (Abonnement Principal)
  2. Provide evidence that it is a second home (this can be done with an insurance contract or tax document indicating the main address, or through proof of residence abroad)

A request is made for temporary suspension of the line, by calling 3000. There is a fee to suspend the line, but it is free to activate it again. The service can be suspended for one to 12 months. Calls can be forwarded overseas.

Handy Numbers

Service Call
Orange English-speaking customer service Tel: 09 69 36 39 00
Call centre open daily, 24 hours a day (24/7) Tel: 3900
Call centre, calling from outside France Tel: +33 09 69 36 39 00
After sales service Tel: 1013
Customer service Tel: 1014
Technical assistance for residential lines (24/7) Tel: 3900
Technical assistance for business lines (24/7) Tel: 3901
Call return (the last number to call your phone) Tel: 3131
Orange voicemail Tel: 3103 Website
To call out of France dial exit code 00 followed by country code and number
To call into France dial entry code 33 followed by French number excluding 0

Telephone Directories Every year the Yellow Pages (Pages Jaunes) directory of businesses and the White Pages (Pages Blanches) directory of private numbers are issued by the post office. In most regions these phone books are delivered door-to-door. The directories are organised alphabetically by town/village name. To use the directories, find the appropriate town in the directory first, and then look for the name or service in that town.

Online directories

  • Use the Yellow Pages to find businesses and services: Pages Jaunes
  • To find private numbers or addresses use the Pages Blanches

Being unlisted or ex-directory

There are two ex-directory/unlisted options which can be subscribed to. Both are free services and registration can be made online by entering the relevant number, along with an email address and contact telephone number.

  1. The Liste Rouge removes all details of a subscriber's telephone number from the directories issued by Orange, both printed and online. Additionally the telephone number will not be disclosed by telephone number services.
    • For more information on Liste Rouge (in French)