Tourism in Paris

Information and links to local tourism and vacation websites and tourist organisations to help you plan your holiday in Paris, the capital city of France...

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has a wealth of information available in English. This is helpful for both tourists and newly arrived residents. They publish a handbook, Paris for You available from the tourism centres.

  • The main Welcome Centre is at 25 rue des Pyramides (Arr 1) Metro: Pyramides.
    Tel: 08 92 68 30 00

The staff at most tourist offices are able to speak competent English and are very helpful with all tourism questions as well as questions on public transport and more.

Tourist Offices are able to provide general information on their area, including details, brochures and flyers about fairs, markets, concerts and other events in your area.

Days Out

The bilingual English/French guidebook to UNESCO World Heritage sites in France has a comprehensive website which includes the details of significant sites in Fontainebleau, Provins, Chartres and Versailles.

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