France Country File: Facts and Figures

Understand the basics of France's geography, history, economy and politics at a glance...

France is the largest country in western Europe. Officially known as the French Republic, it is made up of Metropolitan France situated in Europe, and a number of overseas territories and islands in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. These are referred to as Départements et Régions d'Outre-Mer - Collectivités d'Outre-Mer (DROM-COM).

Paris is the capital of France, which is divided into départements, each of which has a capital referred to as chef-lieu.

French is the official language, although there are a number of regional languages spoken and recognised to a certain extent. These include Tahitian, Gallo, Catalan, Corsican and Breton.

The resident population of France is approximately 66 million.