Bike Rentals in Paris

Vélib’ rental bikes in Paris: a self-service bike system allowing ticket holders or subscribers access to bicycles at any time across the city...

Paris has a self-service bicycle rental system, Vélib', which provides an ecological way of getting round the town. All bicycles are available for rental 24/7 every day of the year. 

Bikes have three gears and lights for night riding. Helmets are not provided.

Subscriptions & Fees

Vélib' offers both long-term subscriptions, youth offers and 1-day or 7-day ticket. Users pay a flat fee for the subscription, based on the subscription duration, as well as a fee based on the length of time the bike is used. The first 30 minutes is free (45 minutes with Vélib' Passion).

Using the Bicycles

Use the touch screen at a bike station (station Vélib') to release a bike. Return the bike to any station across the city. 

Further Information

  • P'tit Vélib' rents out 4 different types of bikes to children aged 2 to 8 years in certain areas of Paris where biking with kids is safe. Helmets are available.