Bike Rentals in Paris

Vélib’ rental bikes in Paris: a self-service bike system allowing ticket holders or subscribers access to bicycles at any time across the city...

Update 18 January 2018: The Vélib' service is being revamped in 2018 with new stations and bikes due to be released, we will update this page once the system is fully in place in March 2018.

Paris has a self-service bicycle rental system, Vélib', which provides an ecological way of getting round the town. All bicycles are available for rental 24/7 every day of the year. 

Bikes have three gears and lights for night riding. Helmets are not provided.

Subscriptions & Fees

Vélib' offers both long-term subscriptions, youth offers and 1-day or 7-day ticket. Users pay a flat fee for the subscription, based on the subscription duration, as well as a fee based on the length of time the bike is used. The first 30 minutes is free (45 minutes with Vélib' Passion).

Using the Bicycles

Use the touch screen at a bike station (station Vélib') to release a bike. Return the bike to any station across the city. 

Further Information

  • P'tit Vélib' rents out 4 different types of bikes to children aged 2 to 8 years in certain areas of Paris where biking with kids is safe. Helmets are available.