Car Sharing in Paris

Find out about the self-service, pay-as-you-go, car sharing scheme in the Paris area: how to subscribe, book, collect and return your hire car…

Autolib is a flexible and ecological car sharing system in Paris, allowing subscribers to rent electric cars on a short-term basis. Vehicles are available 24/7 from stations situated throughout Paris.

How to Register for the Autolib Service

The cars are available to registered users only, with several subscription offers to choose from. Register online, at the showroom, or visit one of the subscription kiosks, bringing identification, driving licence and bank card.

Once the application is approved, a personal badge is provided allowing access to the services.

Using the Cars

Once signed up to the service, a car may be reserved online, although a reservation is not necessary.

With the approved personal badge, an Autolib car can be collected from any hiring point. Simply scan the badge over the reader to unlock the car, and unhook the charging cable.

The car can be returned to any rental station. Once parked, swipe the badge over the charging point, unroll the cable and plug in the Autolib.

Fees and Payment

The cost of rental is calculated per minute. The cost is debited from the bank card that was used to register.


A help button in the car allows direct contact with the Autolib Call Centre, who will send out assistance in the event of a breakdown.


In the event of an accident, contact the Autolib Call Centre, and call the emergency service if someone is injured. A constat européen d’accident (accident report sheet) should be filled in.

Further Information

  • Bla Bla Car (in French) is a website that allows people to find carpooling options.
  • Ouicar (in French) allows private individuals to rent out their car.