Scooter Sharing in Paris

Find out about the self-service, pay-as-you-go, scooter sharing scheme in the Paris area: how to subscribe, collect and return your hire scooter…

Cityscoot is a flexible and ecological scooter sharing system in Paris, allowing subscribers to rent electric scooters on a short-term basis. Scooters are available all week from 07:00-23:00.

Register for the Cityscoot Service

The scooters are of category L1e with speed limits of 45km/h. They are available to registered users only. Identification, driving licence and bank card is necessary to register.

Users born after 1 January 1988 must have a valid A, A1, A2, B or BSR (permis AM) license Insurance is included at full risk (tous risques). 

Using the Scooters

Once signed up to the service, a scooter may be reserved using the Cityscoot application. A four digit code is all that is needed to start the scooter. A helmet, as well as disposable bouffant caps are available under the seat.

The Cityscoot Zone, where the user can pick up and return a scooter, covers 25 percent of Paris city centre. 

Fees and Payment

The cost of rental is calculated per minute (Tarif CityMoover). The cost is debited from the bank card that was used to register. 

Two different pre-paid packages with reduced fees are available:

  • CityRider100 with 100 minutes for 25 euro
  • CityRider500 with 500 minutes for 100 euro


In the event of an accident, contact Cityscoot, and call the emergency service if someone is injured. A constat européen d’accident (accident report sheet) should be filled in.

Further Information