Changes to Vehicle Registration; the Grey Card

Find out how to go about changing the details of your vehicle's registration document...

Changes that need to be made to a vehicle's registration document - the Certificat d'Immatriculation (more commonly known as the Carte Grise) services are done online rather than in-person or by post with the local prefecture.

Services offered online are:

  • Change of ownership
  • Change of address
  • Request for a replacement
  • Change of lessee, if the vehicle is leased
To complete any of the above process, visit the official Agence nationale des Titres Sécurisées – ANTS website (in French), you will need to have (or create an ANTS user account.

Documents required for upload

All documents required should be scanned, or photographed using a smartphone with high enough resolution for all the on-page details to be seen clearly. Supporting documentation usually includes:

  • If the car is older than four years, a Contrôle technique (CT) roadworthiness document no older than 6 months will be needed.
  • Proof of identity: passport, Carte de Séjour or French driving licence.

Documents required for change of address 

  • Proof of new residence: EDF bill, deed of sale or rental agreement (a copy of the landlord's passport may be required) 
  • Once logged in you will need to provide the car's registration plate

Documents required for change of name through marriage

  • Proof of address: Electricity/gas bill, deed of sale or rental agreement no more than six months old
  • Proof of change of name: Marriage certificate or Livret de Famille, or other document certifying a name change
  • Cerfa form n° 13750*07
  • Vehicle registration document 

After an Accident

If a car is involved in a severe accident, the police may take the Carte Grise and send it to the Prefecture. If the car can be repaired, a report will be needed from a recognised expert, which explains the damage and proves that the car will be safe once repaired. The expert will provide a certificate which must be taken to the to the Préfecture. If it is satisfactory, your Carte Grise will be returned to you. If the car cannot be repaired you must notify the Préfecture and the registration will be cancelled.

Destruction/Scrapping a Vehicle

A vehicle may only be destroyed by an approved, professional scrapper (démolisseur or broyeur) after ownership has been transferred to them. It is essential that the owner notifies the Préfecture.
  • The owner wishing to have a vehicle destroyed must take it to an official VHU centre 
  • Provide the first page of the form cerfa n°15776*01. One copy is for the vehicle owner, the other is given to the VHU centre

The VHU will provide a certificate of destruction (certificat de destruction). This is free of charge, provided the car is left at the VHU. In most cases the VHU can carry out the administrative formalities on your behalf, or the owner must declare online on the ANTS website.

The Service Public website has more on the procedure of destroying or scrapping a vehicle

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Last updated 29/09/20