Costs and rebates: New vehicles & CO2 Emissions

Information about the different emissions taxes due in France as well as details of how to get a rebate on the purchase of an electric car...

Anyone who buys a brand new vehicle in France may be eligible for a rebate known as the Bonus Ecologique or Prime depending on the vehicle. A penalty may apply if you purchase a car with high emissions - malus if it’s a new car, or a tax called taxe CO₂ on secondhand vehicles. 

Bonus (Bonus Ecoblogique) rebates for vehicles

If you are a resident of France and you buy a new electric vehicle you may be eligible for a bonus of up to 6000 euros. The amount depends on the original price of the vehicle. The Service Public website has more on the conditions.

In addition if you scrap an old car, you may also be able to qualify for another bonus, called prime à la conversion, of up to 2500 euros at the same time (the Prime is slightly less if you don’t pay income tax).

The vehicle must have emissions lower than 20 grams of CO² per Kilometre to be eligible for the Bonus rebate.

To be eligible for the Prime the vehicle must have been registered for the first time before 2001 if it is a diesel car, and before 1997 if it is a petrol car. It must be traded in for scrapping at the time the new car is ordered, 

Both amounts can be deducted by the dealership at the time of purchase or you can request online.  If the amounts weren’t deducted at the time of purchase, to receive the rebates, download the following form, Cerfa n° 13621*15.

Écotaxe and Malus for high emissions vehicles

A penalty tax is due on the purchase of any car with high emissions - over 120 grams of CO² per Kilometre. It is a one-off payment and applies to the following:

  • Any new vehicle registered in France (malus)
  • Any used, privately owned vehicle imported and registered in France (écotaxe)

The exact amounts that are paid depending on the vehicle’s emissions can be found online on the Service Public website (in French). Note that this tax is not due on vehicles for people with disabilities.

Both taxes are paid at the time of purchase, either directly to the car dealership or when registering the car on the official ANTS website, responsible for all vehicle registrations in France.

ADEME (Agence de l'Environment et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie) provides comprehensive information on vehicles and their emissions (in French) with calculation tables and reference information.

Annual tax (Malus annuel

An annual payment (Malus annuel) of €160 applies to all high-emission cars first registered in France from 1 January 2009. This bill is sent by the Tresor Public to the vehicle owner each year.