The Auto-Entrepreneur

How to set up as a sole trader or start a small business in France re-selling goods or materials, or offering services. Understand the taxes due, invoicing and book-keeping obligations...

As explained in Angloinfo's INFOrmation Page on Starting a Business in France, any for-profit activity in France - regardless of the amount of revenue generated - requires a legal structure, with the business either:

  • Registered as an individual operator (sole trader), or
  • Registered as a company/corporation

The statut auto-entrepreneur simplifies the process of registering and running the smallest sole-trader businesses.

This applies to those who wish to run a business under the Micro-BIC or Micro-BNC tax régimes, where annual turnover (2015) is less than:

  • €82,200 for those re-selling goods or materials, as well as hotels and rural gîtes
  • €32,900 for those offering services

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