Bus, Metro and Tram Services in Picardy and Nord-Pas de Calais

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus transport system in Picardy and the tram and metro system in Lille...

Bus services connect most towns and villages. The Mairie (town hall) or local Tourist Office can advise on municipal travel within towns and cities. Many of the Mairie and municipal websites have a transport section with timetables of public transport and links to other sites.

Local Tourist Offices and their websites are a good source of travel information. Staff are generally able to speak English and can offer help with making bookings and provide timetables.

Nord Public Transport Services


Lille and the surrounding area has an extensive public transportation system operated by Transpole that includes trams, buses and the Métro underground train network. The bus system includes over 65 urban routes, including several providing transport into Belgium. The Lille tramway runs from the Gare Lille Flandres to Roubaix Eurotéléport and Tourcoing Centre.

Individual tickets may be used for one-way travel on a bus, tram or on the Métro and can be purchased from machines in stations, at ticket kiosks or from bus drivers when boarding a bus. Books of 10 individual tickets may be purchased from machines in stations, sales kiosks and sales outlets. Special tickets and a card (the carte Rythmo) are available for frontier workers who cross the France-Belgium border for work.

A Zap Ticket entitles the holder to travel on a tram or Metro from the boarding point to up to three stations away (transfers not allowed). Zap Tickets can be purchased from machines in tram and train stations as well as at ticket kiosks. Books of 10 Zap Tickets may be purchased from sales kiosks and sales outlets.

Tickets must be validated/date stamped upon boarding or just prior to boarding.

Passes are also available for Transpole transport. Passes available include:

  • Day pass
  • Evening pass
  • Weekend pass
  • Weekly pass
  • Monthly pass
  • Frontier-workers pass (for those crossing the Belgium-France border for work)
  • Braderie pass (good for travel during the two-day sales period in September)
  • Convention pass (must be purchased in advance)

Tickets and passes can be purchased from Transpole offices, which are located in Lille, Roubaix and Tourcoing.

  • For contact  information for ticket offices: Click here
  • For further information regarding tickets and passes: Click here
  • For maps, routes and timetables: Click here

Transpole also operates the Vélopole bicycle rental system. Adults may rent a bike from a Vélopole station and use it  for from one day to one week. Families renting bicycles must present a livret du famille or carte famille Transpole (a traval pass available through Transpole). Booking is suggested.

  • Vélopole Booking Service
    : 0820 42 40 40
  • For a list of Vélopole bicycle stations as well as other information about the Vélopole system: Click here

A cheque must be presented as a deposit prior to rental.


Bus services in the Dunkerque area are provided by DK’BUS Marine. Lines run to and from Malo Plage, Gravelines, Bourbourg, Ambouts-Cappel, Coudekerque, Téteghem, Leffrinckoucke, Zuydcoote and Bray-Dunes.

Individual tickets are valid for one hour and may be purchased onboard from the driver. The following tickets are also available from the DK’BUS office:

  • One-day tickets valid for unlimited travel
  • Discounted 10-ticket booklets
  • Discounted 10-ticket booklets for the employed, students, people under 25 years of age
  • Free tickets for school-aged children who live more than 3 Km from their school
  • For further information about DK’BUS tickets: Click here (in French)

Bus passes are also available, with validity periods of one week to one year. Large-family, senior and student passes are available as are combination passes for bus and train travel.

  • For more information regarding DK’BUS passes: Click here (in French)

The following must be presented when purchasing a pass:

  • One passport-type photo
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of residence (for instance, a utility or phone bill)
  • For students, proof of enrolment in school
  • For families, a feuille de non-imposition (proof of being non-taxable) and the livret de famille
  • For employees, an attestation from the employer

Tickets and passes may be purchased from the DK’BUS office.

  • Espace DK’BUS (in French)
    At: 12 place de la Gare à Dunkerque, 59140 Dunkerque
    Tel: 03 28 63 53 01
    Open: Monday-Friday 08:30-12:30 and 13:30-18:00

Pas-de-Calais Bus Services

Intercity bus service

Colvert Littoral provides intercity public bus services connecting Pas-de-Calais to:

  • Gravelines
  • Boulogne-Sur-Mer via Marquise
  • Boulogne-Sur-Mer via Wissant
  • Ardres

Frequent riders can purchase reduced-fare tickets. Contact Colvert Littoral for purchase information.

  • Colvert Littoral
    Tel: 03 21 36 91 23

SITAC operates bus services in the Calais agglomeration (which includes Calais, Coulogne, Coquelles, Marck and Sangatte).

  • SITAC – l’Espace Vivabus
    At: 68 boulevard Lafayette, 62100 Calais
    Tel: 03 21 19 72 72

The following types of tickets are available:

  • Individual tickets (can be purchased onboard from the driver)
  • Individual day-pass (can be purchased onboard from the driver)
  • Individual night-pass; only valid on Friday and Saturday nights, on “Nuit Opale” lines only (can be purchased onboard from the driver)
  • Family day-pass for families with up to three children under the age of 18 (can be purchased from the SITAC/Vivabus office)
  • 10-trip card (can be purchased from sales agents or the SITAC/Vivabus office)

Groups of more than four people travelling together are eligible for discounted tickets, which can be purchased from the SITAC/Vivabus office (l’Espace Vivabus).

Monthly passes (valid for a calendar month) are available, with special discounts for students.

The following must be presented when purchasing a pass:

  • One passport-type photo
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of residence (for instance, a utility or phone bill)
  • For students over 16-years of age, proof of enrolment in school

Calais shuttle service

Balad’in is a free shuttle bus service from Boulevard Lafayette (place Crèvecoeur) to Boulevard des Alliés in Calais. Shuttles arrive every 10 minutes at designated stops along Boulevard Jacquard, Boulevard Clémenceau, rue Royale and rue de la Mer. Buses operate Monday to Saturday from 09:00-19:00.

Picardy Bus Services

MétroPole provides daily bus services on the Picardie-Roissy line between Creil Gare SNCF and Charles de Gaulle airport (Aéroport CDG Roissypôle RER).

  • For a timetable of the Picardy-Roissy line: Click here


The Centrale Intermodale des Transports de l’Aisne (CITA) provides information regarding public transportation options in the Aisne department. The service can calculate itineraries and provide timetables. Service in English is not assured.

  • CITA (in French)
    Tel: 0810 75 00 00


Bus services are provided in the Amiens commune by Amétis. The company provides transport throughout Amiens city centre and out to Sains-en-Amienois, Blangy-Tronville, Saleux, Vers-sur-Selle, Dury Village, Saveuse, Bertangles, Poulainville, Camon and Allonville.

When boarding each bus, show the driver the pass or have the ticket validated. Failure to validate a ticket or show a valid pass may result in an immediate fine.

Individual tickets are valid for unlimited rides for one hour.

Types of Amétis tickets available include:

  • Individual tickets (can be purchased on the bus from the driver)
  • Books of 10 tickets (carnet de tickets; can be purchased from Amétis ticket agents and from the Amétis office). There is a discount off the ticket price when purchasing a booklet
  • A ticket valid for seven consecutive days of travel is available from Amétis ticket agents (valid for an unlimited number of rides)

Travel passes are also available for frequent riders, including special passes for students under 25-years of age, the elderly, disabled, people on benefits and job seekers.

The types of passes available are:

  • Multivoyage pass for 10, 20 or 30 rides
  • 31-day pass (valid from the first day of validation)
  • Yearly pass
  • Buscyclette combination pass for bus and public bicycles

Passes can be purchased at the Amétis office.

  • Amétis (in French)
    At: 10 place Alphonse Fiquet, 80000 Amiens
    Tel: 03 22 71 40 00
    Open: Monday to Friday 06:45-19:15; Saturday 08:00-16:30

The following must be presented when purchasing a pass:

  • One passport-type photo
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of residence (for instance, a utility or phone bill)
  • For students over 16-years of age, proof of enrolment in school

Amétis also operates a transport on demand service (Lines 50, 51, 55, 56 and 60). Booking can be made up to four weeks in advance but should be made no later than the day before the service is required. Users should call Ametis the business day before the service is required to confirm. The cost of service on demand is the same as regular Ametis bus tariffs. Service in English may not be available.

  • Amétis Transport on Demand
    Tel: 0800 00 30 16


Bus services in the agglomeration of Beauvaisis are provided by Transports Urbains Beauvaisis (TUB).

  • TUB
    : Place Clémenceau, 60000 Beauvais
    Tel: 06 44 45 10 11
    Open: Monday-Friday 07:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00


Bus service in Laon is provided by Transports Urbains Laonnois (TUL). The service operates four regular bus lines during the school year, a shuttle service in the medieval city and the POMA automated cable-car system.

Individual, group, 15-minute (Flash), 10-ride tickets are available as are weekly and annual passes for families, students, the disabled and pensioners. Individual, Flash and group tickets may be purchased from the bus driver, automated ticket machines, at the Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme), some newsstands and tobacconists, and at the POMA ticket office.

The following must be presented when purchasing a pass:

  • One passport-type photo
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of residence (for instance, a utility or phone bill)
  • For students over 16-years of age, proof of enrolment in school

Passes must be purchased from the TUL office.

  • TUL/POMA Office (in French)
    At: Forum des Trois Gares, 02000 Laon
    Tel: 03 23 79 07 59
    Open: Monday to Friday 07:00-20:00; Saturday 08:30-12:30 and 14:00-18:00
  • For route information for the bus, shuttle and POMA lines: Click here

Passengers with reduced mobility should note that only some TUL buses are equipped with ramps (at the rear door). These buses are marked on the side with a blue and white sticker with a wheelchair symbol, and stops for these buses are marked with the same symbol. Ramp-equipped buses can take one wheelchair onboard. Drivers are not permitted to leave their posts and therefore cannot assist with loading or unloading. A button for signaling the driver when the wheelchair passenger wishes to get off at the next stop is located near the back door.

The POMA is a cabled transport system that runs from the railway station to the city hall in Laon. The system, which runs from 07:00-20:00 has three stops: Gare, Vaux and Hotel de Ville.

Saint Quentin

Bus service in the Saint Quentin urbanisation is provided by Pastel.

  • Pastel (in French)
    Tel: 03 23 62 62 62

Individual tickets can be purchased on the bus from the driver. Booklets of 10 tickets (carnet de tickets) can be purchased from Pastel ticket agents. There is a discount off the ticket price when purchasing a carnet.

The following bus passes are available from Pastel:

  • Non-transferable pass valid for one person for one day of unlimited travel
  • Pass for three people for one day of unlimited travel
  • Yearly pass
  • Two-year pass
  • Pass for the disabled
  • Pass for youth 3-21 years of age who are members of a family with more than three school-aged children
  • Summer pass for youth 3-25 years of age
  • Senior pass for those over 65 years of age
  • Pass for job seekers
  • Business pass (transferrable) for employees of a business.
  • Combination pass for transport on Pastel buses and SNCF TER trains

Strollers must be folded up prior to boarding the bus. Small dogs in carrying bags are allowed onboard; other animals are not.


Bus service in the Soissons area is provided by Transports Urbains Soissonais (TUS). Service runs to Venizel, Billy-Sur-Aisne, Belleu, Courmelles, Cuffies, Pasly, Chivres-Val and Missy-Sur-Aisne.

Individual tickets onboard the bus. Accompanied children under the age of four ride for free. Discounted books of 10 tickets are available at the Boutique Bus.

Passes are available for travel for a week, month or trimester. Discounted prices are available for passes for passengers under the age of 21, people with disabilities and pensioners.

  • TUS Boutique Bus (in French)
    At: 8 rue de la Buerie, 02200 Soissons
    Tel: 03 23 53 50 99
    Open: Monday to Saturday 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00

Tickets are valid for one hour of travel in one direction and must be stamped if the passenger intends to transfer to another bus.

A transport on demand service, called TAD Mobitus, is available. It operates on specific routes and times, but uses small vehicles such as minibuses or cars which do not circulate continuously, unlike conventional bus routes. Users of the transport-on-demand service must book a pickup at least an hour before the requested pickup time. For pickups before 11:00, booking must be made the business day before the pickup. Space is available for people with reduced mobility.

  • (TUS) TAD Mobitus
    : 0800 53 50 99
    Open: Monday to Saturday 08:30-18:00
  • For TAD Mobitus route information: Click here

Muzzled and leashed dogs may ride on the bus, however, a ticket must be purchased for them. Guide dogs on a leash may ride for free. Small dogs kept in a bag may also ride for free.

Other areas

Website Trans'bus, in French, provides information on the bus services serving France. Scroll to the bottom of the Trans'bus page and enter the relevant post code or departément number.