Beers of Poitou-Charentes

The produce and producers of the microbreweries of Poitou-Charentes...

Poitou-Charentes is most commonly associated with the production of fine wines and cognac, however the region also produces high quality beer, most coming from micro-breweries known as brasseries.

Les Brasseurs de Bercloux

Philippe Laclie lives in the village of Bercloux, Charente Maritime. Having always had a fascination for beers, in 2002 he decided to build a microbrewery to revive the previously prosperous brewing business in the Saintonge country. He produces a variety of types from light beers to a stout, with a velvety creamy flavour.

Raised in a family which had produced Pineau and Cognac for five generations, he has created a beer known as Bercloise au Cognac. This golden coloured beer is an original combination of the two great products. All the beers are brewed in a traditional way and are pure malt beers using ingredients such as hops, barley and wheat. The brewing process however is unique in that it uses the copper alembic, the famous stills of the Cognac Region.

Brasserie des Naufrageurs, Charentes Maritime

There is a brewery on the island of Oléron, just off the D734. This is a farm which produces various beers in the traditional way, often using natural flavourings such a clover and honey.

The bottled beer has a picture of a donkey on the label, in recognition of the history of the island: many of the islanders were ship-wreckers. They would lead a donkey to the sea shore and place a lamp around its neck, thereby misleading - and enticing - ships which would be wrecked on shore and then easily plundered!

Brasserie de Bellefois, Vienne

Pascall Pouilly is the brasseur of the Brasserie de Bellefois brewery. Many years an amateur admirer of beer and its production, in 2003 he transformed his conventional farm into a micro industry.

  • Brasserie de Bellefoi
    05 49 58 33 50

Pressigny, Deux Sevres

The Pressigny microbrewery produces fine, authentic beers. The brasseur, Guy Boidron, welcomes visits.

  • Pressigny
    Tel: 05 49 63 33 42
Article by Kate Ramsdens of Cross Channel TV