Animals and Wildlife of Poitou-Charentes

The Poitou-Charentes have a vast number of nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries where you can see and learn about animals: birds, reptiles, monkeys and sheep and even the "big five". Here is an introduction to these places...

The Poitou-Charentes have a vast number of nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries and other places where you can see and learn about animals in their natural habitats. Here is an introduction to the various places.

Snakes and their Reptile Relatives

Ile aux Serpents: At Snake Island you'll find snakes, lizards, alligators and other reptiles from all over the world living in a natural environment. You may watch them being fed.

Going Fishing

Pescalis: A fishing experience for both the novice and the more experienced fisherman, Pescalis is ideal for a family holiday with a variety of accommodation available.

Aquarium La Rochelle: At the La Rochelle aquarium you can visit the Charente Coastline, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean all in one day and then eat in the restaurant overlooking the town.

Monkey Business

La Vallée des Singes: The destruction of the rain forest and animal poaching are decimating primates in the wild and at La Vallee des Singes they are working on breeding programmes to prevent the total loss of some of the most endangered species. There are two snack bars with views of the waterfalls and Gorilla Island.

Counting Sheep

Mouton Village: Everything to do with sheep: there are many different kinds of sheep at Mouton Village, a shop selling a variety of products made from wool and much more.

Bird's Eye View

Menigoute Festival: The Menigoute Festival takes place once a year during the All Saints' holiday (1 November) and brings together people interested in conservation and the environment and artists and film makers whose work reflects their awareness of the natural world.

Les Oiseaux du Marais Poitevin: Here you will find more than 70 species of bird in a beautiful natural setting. There are information panels all around the park giving interesting details on the birds and their activities as well as on the plants to be found in the park.

Walking with Wolves

Zoodyssee: With 67 species of animals and 16 species of birds, Zoodyssee is well worth a visit. Animals include wolves, bison, lynx and there are exhibitions exploring the relationship between man and animals.

Tropical Paradise

Parc Archedenoe: Parrots from Australia, Indonesia and all over South America together with the appropriate plants give a feel of being in the tropics. Lemurs, flamingos and emus all help to make you feel you are on another continent.

Africa and the World in Poitou-Charente

Zoo de la Palmyre: See the "big five" (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo) plus many more animals, most of which are usually seen in Africa. There is a strong educational programme at the zoo and several conservation programmes are being carried out.

Safari Parc: All the animals here are from Europe, Asia and North America and roam free in a natural habitat. You will be driven around the site in an open-roofed 4x4 having as little impact on the behaviour of the animals as possible. There are three different levels of quad bike tracks to enjoy.

Planet Passion: A website about conservation, wildlife and the environment, by Chris Luck, an English builder living in Civray, Vienne (86). Chris is a mine of information on all things to do with wildlife, conservation and the environment and if you can't find the answer to your question on his website, Chris will do his best to find it for you.