Parking in France

Rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and car parks in France...

Parking more than 24 hours in the same place is forbidden (unless it is a long-term parking facility).
  • Parking cards: Pay-parking meters are operated by a parking card which can be bought at a tobacconist (Tabac)
  • Parking fines: fines can be paid by cheque or with a timbre which is available from a tobacconist (Tabac). Post the slip with the fine and keep a receipt as proof of payment
The Service Public website has more information on parking fines A blue line indicates time limited road side parking. A time card can be bought at a tobacconist.

Parking for the disabled

Cars parked in spaces marked for people with disabilities must display the EU parking badge in the window. The EU parking card is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit which provides parking entitlements to badge holders in all complying European countries - a card issued in one country is valid in another.
  • Spaces in car parks reserved for people with disabilities are marked with a wheelchair symbol
  • In many areas, drivers with disabilities may park without time restrictions on roads where parking is free but has parking time limits
  • Information on how to obtain a parking card for disabled (in French)

Parking in Paris

  • Paris residents parking permit: Reduced parking is permitted to residents of an area who have a vignette de stationnement résidentiel, which is available from the local town hall or Mairie
  • Pre-booked parking is available with Parkings de Paris which lists all car parks in Paris, searchable by arrondissement (in English). Parkings de Paris published handbook is available in French, English and German (can be bought online)