Bus Services in Poitou-Charentes

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus transport systems in Poitou-Charentes...

Poitou-Charentes' four départements are served by an urban bus system. Generally, information on routes and timetables is available from local SNCF Train Stations, bus stations (gares routières), Tourist Offices and Bar Tabacs. The websites of the Conseils Générals of each département have information on the local bus services.

Bus Stations in principle towns of the départements: Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres, Vienne

Charente (16)

The Conseil Général publishes the information on the bus lines and timetables, school buses as well as details of car-pooling (covoitureage).

  • For details, and refer to the left side menu: Click here
  • For details of the school bus service from the Conseil Général: Click here (in French)


  • STGA (15 regular lines in Angouleme and suburbs)
    At: 554 Rte de Bordeaux, 16000 Angouleme
    Tel: 05 45 65 25 25
    Fax: 05 45 65 25 01

Regional bus service in Charente

  • Mansle: Cars Thorin (Tourist trips for groups, school bus, regional lines from Angouleme to other towns of Poitou-Charentes.) 
    At: Ave Paul Mairat, 16230 Mansle
    Tel: 05 45 22 20 05
    Fax: 05 45 20 73 78 

Charente-Maritime (17)

Conseil Général has information for the region. The Syndicat Mixte for Transport (SMCTCM) manages the regions public transport and the Pass'Partout 17 is a travel pass allowing access to regions public transport.

  • For information on SMCTCM and Pass'Partout 17: Click here
  • For details of the school bus service from the Conseil Général: Click here (in French)

La Rochelle

  • RTCR (18 regular lines in La Rochelle and on the outskirts.)
    At: Rue Moulin Vendome, 17140 Lagord
    Tel: 05 46 34 84 58
    Fax: 05 46 34 66 31

Electric Transport is an eco-friendly transport alternative. Electric cars are available for hire on a pay-per-use basis from Autoplus (Tel: 05 46 34 02 02), or by subscription from Liselec (Tel: 05 46 51 11 64). Buses, bikes, boat shuttles, tramways and non-polluting modes of transport are given priority. In addition, organised car-pooling (covoiturage) is encouraged. More information in English on the Urban Community of La Rochelle website.

Regional bus service in Charente-Maritime

  • Buss-Saintes: Full bus service with three regular lines for the city, a school bus service, night buses, regional transport and on-demand services for the mobility reduced. All timetable information is available online
    : Galerie du Bois d’Amour, 17100 Saintes
    Tel: 0800 17 10 17
  • Rochefort - Keolis Littoral: Departmental lines between Rochefort and 14 other towns of Charente-Maritime. The website has details of towns served. 
    At: 2 ave du Pont Neuf. BP 191, 17308 Rochefort Cedex
    Tel: 05 46 82 31 30 
    Fax: 05 46 99 75 51

Deux-Sévres (79)

The website of the Conseil Général has details on the département's inter-urban and school bus services. Tickets for single journeys on the RDS (Réseau des Deau-Sévres) can be bought on the bus or at ticket sales points where booklets of 10 tickets and monthly bus passes are also sold.

Disabled access for wheelchairs is available on several lines using adapted buses (see the wheelchair icon on the timetable above). For route confirmation and reservations - Tel: 05 49 80 54 90.

Niort, Chauray, Aiffres

Agglo Niort supplies 12 regular lines for Niort, Chauray and Aiffres.

  • Agglo Niort
    Tel: 08 00 88 14 25
    email for timetable
  • Thouars Comm'bus: Regular but infrequent return trips in the Thouars area and surrounds. Tickets are sold on the bus by the driver; children 5 years and younger travel free.
    Tel: 05 49 66 14 14 

Vienne (86)

Over 50 bus lines across the département reach Poitiers, Châtellerault, Loudun and Montmorillon. The website of the Conseil Général has an interactive route planner.

  • Information on the bus service: Click here (in French)
  • To find or plan a route or timetable: Click here (and use the drop down destination finder)
  • For details of the school bus service from the Conseil Général: Click here (in French)


  • Vitalis: Provides complete bus transport service for Poitiers and surrounds, with a service for the disabled and mobility impaired, children, frequent travellers. Holiday discount tickets are available.
    At: 9 ave de Northampton, BP 372, 86009 Poitiers Cedex.
    Tel: 05 49 44 77 00
    Fax: 05 49 44 77 22


  • Bus TAC: 11 regular lines in Chatellerault and the surrounding areas. Discount service for regular commuters with PassÔvert
    At: 103 rte de Pleumartin, 86100 Chatellerault
    Tel: 05 49 93 16 54
    Fax: 05 49 93 19 08