Getting Married in Monaco

Find out how to have a wedding in the Principality of Monaco. What to expect, where to go and the documents required...

A marriage in Monaco is recognised as valid in most other countries. One of the couple getting married must be legally resident in Monaco continuously for at least one month before the publication of the banns (an announcement of the intended marriage posted at the Town Hall).

Monégasque law only recognises civil marriage. A religious ceremony may take place after the civil procedure.

How to Get Married in Monaco

The Monaco Town Hall supplies information and a list of all the documents and certificates to be provided by the marrying couple.

An appointment must be made at the Service de l'Etat Civil of the Monaco Town Hall (Mairie) to put together the marriage file. All documents must be handed in to the Town Hall at least two months before the marriage takes place. The duration of the publication of the banns varies depending on the nationality and/or place of residence of the couple. For example, the banns for an Italian resident marrying in Monaco must be published a minimum of two months prior to the marriage.

  • Mairie de Monaco
    At: Place de la Mairie, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 98 15 28 51
    Fax: +377 93 30 34 41

Documents required

Documents not in French should be translated by a sworn in translator. The following documents must be supplied:

  • Residence certificate (Certificat de Résidence)
  • Birth certificate (Acte de Naissance Intégral): Unabridged birth certificate less than three months old

Residents of Monaco can obtain a Certificat de Résidence from the Sûreté Publique.

  • Sûreté Publique
    : Section des Résidents, 3 rue Louis Notari, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 93 15 30 15

Monégasque nationals can obtain a Certificat de Résidence from the Service de la Nationalité.

  • Service de la Nationalité
    : +377 93 15 28 10

All other nationals can obtain this document from the Town Hall of their place of residence.

A number of additional documents may be required depending on an individual's situation.

  • Certificat de coutume or Certificat de capacité matrimoniale (Affidavit of Marital Status). This statement concerns marriage laws in the foreigner's home country and is required to certify that the party may, under law of their country, be married. Certificates can be obtained from the home country Consulate.
  • Military personnel must obtain an authorisation to marry from the military authorities
  • Minors must have the consent of one of their parents or a legal guardian. The minimum age of marriage is 15 for girls and 18 for boys. Consent must be given before a notary or the Civil Registrar (Officier de l'état-civil)

Marital regimes

The default marital regime (régime légal) in Monaco is a marriage out of community of property (séparation de biens). If a prenuptial agreement has been drawn up by a notary, certificate of this marriage contract must be added to the marriage file.

Previous marriages

If either of the couple has been divorced or widowed, proof in the form of the final divorce decree or a death certificate (Acte de décès) in the case of widowhood must be supplied. Before being supplied for the marriage file, these documents must be registered at the Monaco Tax Office (Services Fiscaux de Monaco).


A child born prior to the marriage may be legitimised if both parents have legally recognised the child. A copy of the birth certificate is required. For children born outside the Principality, the copy of the birth certificate must have been issued within the last three months.

The civil ceremony

The marriage ceremony takes place at the Monaco Town Hall in the presence of at least two and at most four witnesses aged at least 18. The marrying couple select their witnesses in advance. Witnesses may be of any nationality and may be related to the couple. On the day they must provide proof of identification before being allowed to witness.

Further Information

  • For information from the Monaco Town Hall: Click here
  • For a list of required documents from the UK Monaco Consulate: Click here (PDF in English)