Studying in Nice

Information for students moving to Nice to study. With information on the university system in France, the application and enrolment procedures, housing and financial assistance...

There are 2 options for students who want to carry out further education studies in France, either at a university or at specialised schools, which both offer short degree-programmes and long degree-programmes. 

Information about the application procedures for a place in a further education institution in France, can be found on the Further Education page.

Non-EU students planning to stay longer than 90 days must get a long-stay student visa. The visa must be obtained from the French Consulate in the student’s current place of residence before leaving for France.

Find further information on residency requirements for non-EU citizens


The Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis welcomes foreign students with a network of programmes to assist with paperwork, language, courses and accommodation.

A page on the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University website is dedicated to foreign students.

The website deals with a wide variety of student issues, including:

The Campus France website has a wealth of information for international students.  It has been approved by some governments to process visas for applicants from some countries.

National Health Insurance

The social security system for students in Nice is operated by two organisations: MEP and LDME. These two organisations, along with many other insurance companies, also offer supplementary health insurance to cover expenses the national system does not.

  • MEP
    : 04 26 31 79 29 (Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00)
  • LDME 
    Tel: 08 11 50 56 33 (Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30) 

Non-EU nationals must enrol and pay into the French national health insurance scheme (Sécurité Sociale) when registering at their chosen school. Students who have a scholarship from the French government don’t have to pay the annual fee.

Students aged under 28 on 1 October of the school year are eligible for coverage under the national health insurance scheme for the school year. Private coverage must be purchased if aged 28 or over, although there are exceptions. Contact the school for further information. 

In addition to the national health insurance, a supplementary insurance plan is common. If affiliated with a student plan (MEP or LMDE), it is advisable to choose the same branch for top-up insurance. Additional insurance is recommended, but not obligatory.

Further information on the health system in France can be found in the Healthcare section.

Student Housing in Nice

There are a number of accommodation options for students in Nice:

Halls of residence

The Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS Nice-Toulon) offers the cheapest accommodation available. Places are limited and students must file an application via the website and follow the procedure explained. Priority is given to students with scholarships from the French government or from certain states that have signed agreements with France.

Additionally accommodation can be found in private student halls.

Private rentals

The Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis recommends the following websites for private rental searches:

The University also offers a service, Service Calioppe, to aid foreign students in finding accommodation as well as assistance with administrative paperwork, enrolment, transport, etc. Tel: 04 92 15 50 65. Again, priority is given to students with scholarships or on exchange schemes such as Erasmus.

The CROUS and the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur also offer a nationwide web portal and database, Lokaviz, for all student accommodation. Under certain conditions this service will also provide the necessary financial guarantees.

Some associations such as the Local Committee for the Housing of Young People (Union Nationale des Comités Locaux pour le Logement Autonome des Jeunes - CLLAJ) connect students looking to rent property with property owners.

  • CLLAJ – Antibes / API Provence
    : 2067 chemin Saint Claude, Immeuble Proxima, 06600 Antibes
    Tel: 04 92 91 79 71
  • CLLAJ – Cannes / Logis des Jeunes de Provence
    At: 5 rue de Mimont, 06400 Cannes
    Tel: 04 92 99 77 77

Information on the documents and requirements when renting accommodation in France can be found on the Renting Accommodation information page.

Properties for rent can also be found in the classifieds section.

Financial assistance for housing

Financial allowances providing housing assistance for students are available and include Social Housing Allowance (Allocation de logement sociale - ALS), and Personalised Housing Allowance (Aide personnalisée au logement - APL)

Applications are submitted to the Family Allowance Office (Caisse d'allocation familiale - CAF).

If assistance is needed to pay the deposit required when initially renting lodging, the Avance Loca-Pass system is available, which provides an interest-free loan. Repayment begins after three months and must be completed within 36 months (the full loan amount must be repaid if the student moves out of the property before 36 months). 

Part-time Jobs

Students can supplement their income with a student job. However, non-EU nationals must apply for a temporary work permit and may only work up to 20 hours per week.


Many banks in Nice and the Alpes Maritimes provide English-speaking banking services to their clientele.


Libraries in Nice which may be of interest to students include the following:

Student Restaurants

University campuses in Nice offer campus restaurants (restaurant universitaire - RU), a cafeteria and/or sandwich bar, available to all students enrolled at the university.

A variety of meals are offered at reasonable prices. 

Public Transport

Nice’s public transport system includes the bus and the new tramway, as well as a limited night bus network. 

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