Moving House in Monaco

The essential facts you need and things to be remembered when moving house in Monaco...

Moving house always requires planning and preparation, but there are some specifics to remember when doing it in Monaco. Find information below on how to change an address and notify the electricity, gas, water, telephone and insurance companies, as well as the bank. Families with children must also arrange for enrolment at new schools.


The Principality has a "one-stop shop" for registering a change of address, which alerts most government agencies of the move and updates a resident's driver's licence, car registration, social funds (social security), the Mairie's records, radio and satellite licence and boat registration. It also alerts the Journal de Monaco, the postal service (for a fee) and the public parking system among others.

  • Comprehensive information on where to go and what to bring: Click here

For more information, contact:

  • Centre d'Informations Administratives
    At: 23, Avenue Albert II, MC 98000 Monaco
    Tel: (+377) 98 98 40 26
    Fax: (+377) 98 98 40 86

Residence permits

To change the address on the Titre de Séjour residency permit, contact the Residents' Department in the Division de Police Administrative of the Direction de la Sûreté Publique.


It is not necessary to notify passport issuing authorities of a change of address. Pencil in the change of address on the appropriate page in the passport.

Services and Utilities

Electricity, gas and water

Electricity and gas supplied by Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz, SMEG. Water is supplied by Société Monégasque des Eaux, SME.

Notify the agencies at least 10 days before the move, giving them the account number and new address. They will arrange to read the meter and send the bill for the service to the new address. If the account is not closed, the account holder remains responsible for any use after the move.

Notify the appropriate agency in the new area, to establish a new contract or to take over the existing one.

Telephone and Internet

Contact the local Monaco Télécom office about 10 days before the planned move giving it notice of termination of contract (if leaving Monaco) or a notice of change of address.

A recorded message can be placed on the old line informing callers of the new number.

Contact mobile phone and Internet service providers before the move to inform them of the new address.


Notify vehicle, property, health and life insurance companies of the change of address. Home insurance can be transferred to a new property, but if the new home is a dramatically different size, the property should be re-assessed.


Notify banks in writing of the new address; allow enough time to print new cheque books.


The "one-stop shop" service provided by the Principality notifies schools (except private schools) of the change of address; however it is necessary to contact schools in person in order to withdraw a student.

Crèche: Contact the Mairie of the new area as soon as possible in order to enrol children. Give notice at the current crèche; be aware there is usually a one-month notice period at crèches.

Primary school: Contact the Mairie in the new area to find out which schools are in the mayoral area and arrange for enrolment. Request a certificat de radiation from the current school in order to remove a child from the school register.

Collège/Lycée: Request a certificat de sortie. The necessary documents are transferred to the new school. Arrange a meeting with the administration of the new school.

Take the following documents:

  • Residency permit for Monaco residents
  • Civil status form for the child
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Certificat de radiation for school-age children of all levels. It certifies that the child is no longer registered at the previous school, which the class the child was in, and if it is the end of the school year, which class level they should go into the following school year
  • Photocopy of the latest school report
  • Three stamped, self-addressed envelopes

Changing Business Address

Moving a commercial operation - company head office, independent work or even home office - requires an official request to the office of the Minister of State.

  • Full details on the Principality of Monaco website: Click here

Other Contacts

Many other suppliers and contacts need change of address notification. These may include:

  • Shops where an account or preferred customer card is held
  • Accountants and lawyers
  • Doctors and veterinary surgeries
  • Libraries
  • Magazine and newspapers delivered on subscription